I'd thank Tartra, but I appear to be speechless

I've literally been staring at the 'start a topic' window for five minutes because I honestly don't know what to say. Typically it's easy to go "aah thank you so much for the review!" to thank someone for their time and their (usually) kind words, but that doesn't really seem good enough in this particular instance. It's nice enough to know that people are reading and enjoying Twisted Cogs, but Tartra's review was so in-depth and insightful and well-thought-out that it has given me assistance in becoming a better writer.

I have been vaguely aware of some of my strengths and weaknesses as an author, and have been (as I think most authors do) trying to advance and improve on both, but this review has encapsulated those strengths and weaknesses in ways that have honestly made them more clear to me than they've ever been. I thought it was awesome to have the extensive feedback in my comments section, I had no idea how much more there was to hear, both about the things I've been doing right and the things that can stand to be worked on.

Yes, I realize this thank you is like 99% sap and gushing, but holy crap if ever a review deserved gushing it's this 18 paragraph thesis on Twisted Cogs, one that I think has informed me almost as much about my writing as it informs potential readers.

Thank you Tartra!

You may not have noticed, because I know I was being really subtle, but I'm quite enjoying Twisted Cogs. :)

Subtle you are not, Tart. Squee to your heart's content.

I think everyone should be enjoying Twisted Cogs, Tartra. It is as brilliant as your review states! :) Love your work, Maddi!

That reminds me, I should probably thank Tartra for his/her review of my serial here as well. I should also make a review of her stuff.

Yeah, that was a really great review. Super thorough. Kudos to Maddi for inspiring it, and kudos to Tartra for writing it!

Tartra - That was a wonderful review and honestly it made me (as a fellow TC fan) so happy. Inspiring! You're great!

Maddi - You earned this! ?

Twisted Cogs hooked me right way! Brilliant story :)