Idea I had, wanna know if it's scary

So, while working on Umbra both times, I've kinda gone off the deep end a bit (that's what happens when I work on horror), and I had an idea: a book about obsessively pulling out teeth. Like, your own. Do you guys think this would be a good idea? 'Cause I think it would be a fun side project.

has no teeth, pun intended. Why? what growth is available for the character that ties to this plot point. ?

Yeah, it's a nice concept, but it's not yet a story. (To get a story you just have to think through the ramifications of the idea. Why would someone be pulling out their teeth? In what sort of world would this happen? What sort of characters would this happen to? etc. Wildbow has written like a million Reddit posts on this.)

As a concept? Yeah, I'd say it's pretty creepy. I mean, teeth in general are kinda creepy? Just think about dentists, which are merely teeth adjacent, and you've got weird drills, gloves in your mouth, and the weird Marathon Man Nazi dentist thing.

Then there's the movie Teeth, those weird chattering teeth toys, the fact that teeth are basically this incredibly strong saliva-drenched weapon.

Teeth are cree-py. So as a concept it's got wings.

I'm still working out the kinks, but I think it's gonna either be like some alien disease, or a curse from a witch, both of which are kinda cliche, but whatever. It's definitely a high school drop out, though.

If you can acknowledge that it is kind of cliche, why would you waste other people's time with it?

'Cause I like the basic premise (person obsessively pulling out their teeth), 'cause if people like it even though parts of it are cliche then it's not wasting their time, 'cause I honestly don't care if people read it, and lastly, 'cause cliches can be made interesting.

Pull some more details together. I'm not this even counts as an outline yet!

Or, you know, skip the external validation and get to work on it. Come back with a chapter.