Idea review: Genius

So I was reading this: and thought that the central idea in it , namely that of mad genius's creating powerful and insane wonders fueled that break down under analysis from normal people , would be an awesome setting for a web serial.

What do you guys think?

So, like, they can create Supertech that only works for them, or works until a normal scientist tries to figure out how it works?

Seen it done in a couple series, not a bad power set idea. Expanding from that, having a world that becomes dependent on impossible technology (everyone just knows to "leave it to the geniuses" instead of trying to fix it themselves), could create an interestingly haphazard setting, with many anachronistic devices. A sort of new economy forming from the sale of these things, possibly hindered by both a lack of reliable mass-productivity, and people losing yet another aspect of independence to the growing power of technology (everyone HAS to get their new super-cars serviced at specialty Genius shops or risk destroying them if they try to so much as change the oil themselves). That's to say nothing of the job market bottoming out as ludicrous tech replaces the need for manual labor... until saboteurs start breaking all the advancements, because people need to be able to work, too, and if people just forget how to build houses, what happens when a disaster hits and all the house-building robots suddenly cease functioning.

This could see a rise of terrorists and villains who want to return the world, not to a natural state, but one where normal tech is the norm again instead of supertech. Some Geniuses then become heroes, either out of self-interest, or out of realizing too much of society is now dependent on them. Or they become tyrants. Who knows.

I didn't read the document, so I might be way off on what you're talking about, but yeah, "selectively operable supertech" could make for a very interesting setting, with surprisingly mundane concerns causing a whole lot of conflict for characters to deal with.

The original document also says that genii are fueled by a mystical force named Inspiration that causes them to dream the impossible, see insane and impossible creations, create models of crazy reasoning, and so allow them to make their wonders, and Inspiration also provides the magic that drives their creations. Basically they're all insanely driven by a mystical force that needs to create, discover, change and destroy, mixed in with Worm's trigger system where they experience breakthroughs in moments of great stress which affects their personality and creations.

Also if they distance themselves from humanity too much and get consumed by Inspiration, ungrounded by reality, they become Illuminated, totally mad wackos with no regard for any structures or morality, who can build anything and everything and will never stop, consumed as they are by the need to create, destroy, discover and change.

Your setting really sounds cool, that is a totally valid and interesting concept. Might someday, if I get time write some stories inspired by it

Glad to help inspire. ;)

So, it's a World of Darkness type of game. Interesting theme to flesh out, and almost sounds more like oldWoD Mage Technocracy. Like I said, I've seen/heard of similar stuff in other works (Worm, newuniversal, Girl Genius, Numenera). Going directly off the game, there's easy themes of human's relationship to ever-hastening scientific progress, alienation of the genius, and "things man was not meant to know." Promethean themes as well, depending on how much impact you'd want the Genius to influence the world, and the consequences that influence might bring. Does unlocking true quantum computing prompt an invasion of higher beings from a mutable world of data? Is Inspiration a "natural" supernatural phenomenon, or was it implemented on purpose? If so, is that purpose counter to a greater purpose?

And, of course, if you want to do a superhero lens, how does one remain heroic and good when they're always on the cusp of madness? Are all villains just well-intention-ed geniuses who've lost the battle for sanity? Or are they among the most sane, yet their morals are bent by seeing a picture so grand, human beings can't fathom the ultimate benefit? Even Reed Richards has occasionally fallen to Dr. Doom's way of thinking. Even Dr. Doom has shown moments of magnanimity.

So yeah, there's a whole lot you could mine for both horror fiction, hero fiction, milieu stories, philosophy, or just sheer crazy adventure.