Ideas for curse?

In my story, if you get cursed you can override the curse (for lack of a better word) to work for you instead of against you. Like, if you're cursed to burn to death, instead you could make it so you could throw fireballs. I want the end result to be that my hero gets duplications/self-cloning powers by overriding her curse, but the curse I originally wanted to use doesn't really add up. The curse was that, if it spread through her whole body, it would tear her apart, literally, and she took control of it and gained the power to "split" herself into multiple copies of herself.

So, anyone have any ideas as to what kind of curse would logically result in her getting those powers?

Perhaps a curse originally intended to fracture her mind, perhaps make her suffer with Multiple Personality Disorder, instead is twisted to fracture the body, allowing her to make duplicates. You could even have it be that this causes the duplicates to manifest different personality quirks.

Neat idea, by the way! A nice twist on the idea that even a monster can turn their curse into a blessing.

You could use the stones to destroy the stones.

You could use your face to destroy your face.

You gotta unhinge your jaw like a snek, though.


The best idea I've had so far is that since she has anxiety and low self esteem, every time she's down on herself or doubts herself the curse creates another her that parrots that doubt back at her and then attacks. So when she overrides it, she's bot just taking control of the curse but her own personal issues as well.