I'm back, with a completely different story.

Well, guys, you might know me from around a year ago. I started writing my first web serial, and then dropped it after the first few months. I knew that I wasn't exactly good, but I only know now how bad I was. Yeesh. I also did things that I regret. But that's to be expected.

I've... matured a lot since then, I think. I wrote a lot of short stories (Most are terrible, and will never be released. Also, they didn't end.), and I've been getting better since. I decided to work on The Zone again. but this time I've changed a lot of things that just embarrass me to think about. I've put up a new description, started posting on royal road as well, but my listing is still the same as before. It says awaiting editor attention.

I'm unsure whether that means I had to approach someone because it wasn't listed on the submissions list, like the last time I edited it. In the end I just decided to ask.

Any thoughts on the story would appreciated as well.

Are you interested in a review / critique trade on your opening chapter? Mine is listed here on the website: winoc the traveler

I can put my review wherever you want it, in case you aren't on here yet.

I am interested, and I am also on the website.

The name of my story is The Zone. However, like I said before, the description on it is not the same as my new one. I am on Royal road, however, so you could review my story there. As for your story, I shall begin reading it today. I am unsure when I might be able to get a review out now, but I reckon I can do it before the week end.

(Though a review isn't exactly what I came for.)

Sounds great. You don't have to go nuts on mine if you don't feel like it. Casual is fine.

Well, I'm not gonna go nuts (Because said option is currently unreachable), but I think your story is marvelous. As such, I certainly am gonna aim for more than just casual.

Also, I just realised that my story is in the super hero section of top web fiction. That is why I want to change my description.

Reading yours now. By the way, your link on the guide takes you to a dead page.

Also, thank you, I really appreciate that

Edit: I put a review up for you on the website. Thanks for sharing!

Well, that's kinda because I deleted the original page. The proper link is on the edited description.

Thanks for the review. I put one up as well. I honestly, took half an hour to figure out what to write. It was my first review, and there's a lot of stuff that I didn't know how to say. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

Thanks for the great review. Rep +1

Thanks. :)