I'm going to jump in on that Fibi love

I haven't seen any posts here from you, but if you're around, Fibi, a sincere thank you to you for taking the time to read and (quite entertainingly!) review. It helped highlight the main issue of pacing I know I haven't broken through, but in such a positive way! That's TOKoR's charm, right? Can I call breakneck speed-reading 'charm'?

Seriously, though, thank you. As I scramble to work Post 15 out, it feels great knowing the first fourteen have a personality. :D

Huh. I wonder if this Fibi person knows that the forums exist, or if he/she just writes reviews and lurks here for some reason.

Wanting to read is a reason. :P Wanting to spread the word is an even better one. So selfless! Which makes it mean a lot to me on top of everything.

Yeah, whoever this person is great. We need more people who will talk about the serials, rather than just write them. That's a surefire way to get more readers in general.