I'm new... and afraid.

Okay, well, where do I begin? The beginning, I suppose is as good a place as any.

After two years of procrastination, I have launched the website for my story called Westcrest.

To briefly summarise, Westcrest is a story about a group of extraordinary characters who live on an invisible island in the middle of a lake.

There's only a single update so far, but in the past two years I have developed a substantial backlog of content that will be added as the story progresses.

Along with the main serial, will be a variety of supplemental texts that should hopefully make sense even to those who haven't read the "main" story.

One of these, The Annabel Warrant Files, details the adventures of a girl detective as she attempts to uncover the mystery of Westcrest.

You can even follow @annabelwarrant on twitter, if you're into that sort of thing. And there's an official @Westcrest twitter account, too.

Obviously, this topic is an effort in shameless self-promotion. As I mentioned on another site (I get around) a project like this is pretty much pointless without readers and at the moment Westcrest doesn't have any. So frankly, I could use your help.

My intention is to keep the length of each episode down so that people can read them easily, even with all of the time constraints that life throws at us. So if you have a few minutes to spare and room in your heart for another story, I would really, really love it if you would pay my site a visit.

Welcome Michael :)

Howdy, Michael. I'm kinda new here too.

You could buy some Project Wonderful adspace on serials in the same genre - that will get you a few clicks, and maybe a few readers. :)

Thanks for the welcomes!

Advertising is definitely something I will be looking into in the future and I've read lots of positive opinions about Project Wonderful during my web adventures, so thanks for the suggestion.

I'll probably wait until there's a bit more content on my site before I look too seriously at advertising, so that potential readers have more to, uh, read.

Really I'm just happy to have something "out there" that's been living in my head for so long. Thanks again to everyone that has visited!

on my way to check it out, michael! and a merry welcome.

Thanks NiSp!

I was already planning on posting in this topic again today, as my story has reached three episodes and things are starting to "come together". You can check it out at the following link:

Welcome to Westcrest

Please read it and pass the link on to anyone you think might be interested. It'd mean a lot to a random guy on an internet forum that you don't owe anything to.

The hardest thing I've found so far is actually "letting go" of what I've written. It's sort of like keeping a bird with a broken leg for two years and then, one day, deciding to toss it out the window and hoping it remembers how to fly.

Flap, flap.

I am a newbie too. Hope that we can chat with each other


Hey Michael,

I'm new and afraid too. Unlike you, though, I have little experiance and even less skills, so don't feel bad.

You see, I write so that I can remember.

There was a time, before I wrote, when I thought about wonderful characters, far off places and meaningful plots. My imagination would run wild, like a child at play. Staring into space for hours at a time, I would be immersed in the fantastic tales that only my mind could tell.

Then I started writing and it all disappeared. The characters I wrote, not as wonderful as I had imagined, the places not so far way, and the plots; a lot less meaningful, if there was any meaning to them at all.

(for some starnge reason, I feel like I've written this before, huh)

Keep it up,(I'm write behind you)

M. Abran


michael: kudos for your bravery... i hung on to every snippet of mine for a lifetime - RoD was at least about 6 years - before being released. it does get easier ;)

mabran: you are not alone. on all aspects. you (and everyone) need to remember how to play... if you're not having fun, no-one else will... sure, there's plot and characterization and theme and stuff to worry about, but it all starts with 'intense play'... and welcome :)

Wow, every time I expect to find my thread buried I instead find a new post (or two) in it!

Thanks again for the support! It's weird, I really feel like I've been in some sort of stasis for the last few years, always intending to put stuff "out there" but always finding some excuse.

Westcrest is really just one step along that path, but it's providing me with a way to be more disciplined as well as giving me the chance to share at least some of what I've created with the rest of the world.

Also, because I can't let the opportunity for some good ol' fashioned pimping elude me, today I released my second piece of "bonus content":

"Chasing Scorch Marks" -- The Annabel Warrant Files, Part II

I'm also finally managing to delve into the world(s) of some of the other serials that are mentioned here. It's all a gradual process but I'm getting there... slowly.

Thanks again for the kind words, it's always good to know that there's other people struggling with similar (and different!) experiences.