I'm On Cracked And Bragging About It

AHAHA I'M ON THE FRONT PAGE OF CRACKED READ IT AND WEEP MOTHERF***ERS AHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: http://www.cracked.com/article_23000_5-real-life-super-villains-straight-out-comic-book.html

(You're asking how this relates to web fiction? Well, um, it's, you see...)

Woah, congrats!! I have a friend who does work for their writing workshop who was on me to write an article a while ago, but I never came up with a good idea for one. I read yours this morning and I really dig it!

You missed a pretty big one, Dr. H. H. Holmes. He designed and built a hotel specifically to enable him to kill people, with poorly-lit hallways, doors that could be sealed by him, a special soundproof, airtight vault, his own crematorium room, and a basement medical room. Nine confirmed kills, twenty-seven confessed kills, 200+ suspected murders. Hid some of the bodies by having a guy come in, strip the bodies, and sell the skeletons to medical schools.

The hotel was part of his little business park there. He seduced the wife of a guy working for him once, convinced her and her daughter to stay with him when the husband left, then killed them either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Even had a few minions working for him who helped him find beautiful women.

I recommend the book The Devil in the White City if you like that and a little bit of history about the 1893 World's Fair(which gave us, among other things, the Ferris Wheel and Pabst Blue Ribbon).

Congratulations Billy! Amazing article, how have I not heard of these characters? And it sounds like PG could write a sequel.

Amazing. Congratulations! It's a pretty unique article too! I likes.

Thanks, everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

PG, it's really funny you mention that. Great minds think alike. (Or maybe it's terrible minds?) HH Holmes was a part of an earlier pitch for the article, but Cracked has this rule where you can't cover an entry if someone else has done so. Therefore they didn't allow HH Holmes in the article (along with like 40 other villains. You and I could probably have a v. interesting conversation on this topic.)

Just sliding in to say, "Great work! And thank you so much for bringing in something that's back to classic Cracked instead of the weirdly emotional, social issue articles that more or less pushed me off of there." Hooray for edutainment, and for getting the article through!

And *poof* - off I go to whine about that chapter I am still goddamn trying to write.