Image of my site not visible on web fiction

The link to my online novel,, is successfully posted on web fiction, but the image of the site is missing. Did I miss a step? I can't seem to find how to go back and correct this.

The editor who created the listing didn't know how to get past the Google disclaimer with the software we're using to do the snapshots. It's fixed now.


Thanks! You're doing the Lord's work.

I'm having the same problem, apparently. Is there something I need to do to fix that?

Likewise. I've got five full novels added to the Guide (about which I'm excited- it's more than a few decades of work, added all at once!) and none have snapshots associated. :)


I'd just like to add that my story, 'Shadow' is still in the same position. I appreciate that you're all volunteers and are really busy, but I wanted to make sure you knew. Thanks.

EDIT: I apologise, it has been fixed! Thank you.