In which our dashing not so young author trolls for reviews

Hello one and all.

I was wondering if I might request some reviews for my material. I have weird tales of all kinds with with TALES FROM THE ODDSIDE, THE LOCAL HEROES, THE NIGHT OF TIME and IN THIS TWILIGHT. I have my life story as on ongoing serial story with PRICE BREAKS AND HEARTACHES. I also have two complete serial novels (IN THE MIDNIGHT OF HIS HEART and LOVE AND TREASON ON THE VERGE) as well as a serial novel in progress called IN THE SHADOW OF HIS NEMESIS.

Thank you for your time.

Holy crap it's Ab3! (Isn't it?)

I used to kinda know you way back when on, I read all your glorious 'rants' with glee and still occasionally quote/refer to them. Somebody review this man ASAP! His work gets a big thumbs up from me.

Speaking of, where could I find those rants to reread nowadays? I had your site bookmarked for ages but it stopped working years ago.



I am so glad you remember me! And the rants are still around... I keep them on the blog in the section labeled THE BINDER OF SHAME All the rants are there uncut and un-proofread! Also you can find rpg stories mixed in with the general mayhem of my PRICE BREAKS AND HEARTACHES stories.

Nice to talk to you again. You can always drop me a line at [email protected]!


Fantastic. I shall be introducing some people to them over the next few weeks. ;)

I'll make sure to send you an e-mail when I get back from holiday, catch up a bit, though I can't imagine you'd remember a nonentity like I was eight years ago!



Not sure what type of reviews you are wanting (I'm new to this gig) But I went and read your first three chapters.

That was posted in '09 and has no comments?? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???

I will continue to go back....I think I like you.


who is not a stalker but it is almost xmas and her humor has gone to the edge.

Thanks Ash... and when I first started my blog I knew nothing about promotion so I don't think a lot of people saw those early chapters. But a lot of folks seem to be visiting it now which is awesome.

Glad you like me :)

Btw the Christmas season has been rough on me as well. Did you read about how I got arrested last week?

Happy holidays indeed!

A quick note to one of the folks that followed the link above to my story "All I Want For Christmas Is A Clean Rap Sheet".

I am honestly sorry if it upset or offended you. I can't apologize for the story because it is what it is but I never set out to ruin anyone's day.

You comment was posted to the site becuase it was honest and thoughtfull and a bad review means just as much to me as a good one.

Reading in the shadow right now, one thing that grates is using italics instead of quotations in lines that are specific. Using italics to represent stray thoughts or telepathy is common, but if you are using the x, she mused. format, I think you should use quotes. its kinda jarring to me otherwise.

Beyond that, I am liking the story. Just posted a review. Also, im posting some typos to the story comments for you as I go.

Oh and BTW Mr. Hollins, I thank you for catching those errors. I catch them a lot more often now that I have my Macbook read my stories back to me. I promise they get fewer and fewer as they go along.

Rather than open up another thread let me take a second here to mention that I have added two new installments to my highly irregularly 'Nick Of Time (and other abrasions)' series

THE NICK OF TIME (and other abrasions) "Come Together"

In an effort to entice you into reading my mostly-true blog-ogrpahy here is a link to part 5 of PAPER HEARTS AND A RED HAIRED TART