In Which the Author Sings for Money. Literally!

I'm serious!

Today I put up the 118th episode of "Spots the Space Marine," a military SF novel which is now about 75% complete and available online. Today's upload included a special incentive: I did a bit of voice acting and sang the Cuban lullaby the main character sings in the episode and put it up for download as an MP3. Right now only people who pass me a tip can get to the download page, but we are... really, really close to a donation goal I set. When the tips meet that goal, the song will be free for everyone to hear (releasing, incidentally, a bit of a lost culture, music from the Cuba before Castro and Communism changed everything).

So, a good day to start reading Spots, if you've been thinking of doing so and haven't. You can start here at

Today's incentive post is being hosted on livejournal:

When the donations hit that goal, the MP3 will show up on the archive site, too.

So if you like action stories... and character-driven stories... and stories with lots of guns, lots of alien cultural interaction and kick-tail moms who don't have to be snarky and have intimacy issues to shoot thirty aliens in a dark corridor without breaking a sweat (much)... come by and see what readers are paying me weekly to write for them!