Inkspired: a free serial publishing portal

I was introduced to a new serial publishing portal a while ago, and I've been chatting with the creators and testing things out since then. I thought it was about time to share it with you guys.

Inkspired is a free publishing portal, set up so you can publish a story all at once, or serialise it. You'll find it here:

To read stories on there, you can use the website or download the app for a phone/tablet (I think just iOS right now; Android version in the works).

Basic info/impressions:

  • All copyright remains with the author.

  • Basic text formatting is available.

  • The interface is easy to use and pretty intuitive for creating and publishing stories and chapters.

  • It is intended to help readers find stories and writers to find an audience, and has some features around discovery.

  • Users can follow stories, and get notifications when a new chapter is published. I think you can also send messages to your followers as well, for announcements and such (I haven't tried this yet).

  • It has some fun stats, like views of the story and each of its chapters, and likes, and ratings on each chapter, and comments. Stats make me happy. I find them a bit compulsive. Yay stats.

  • Readers can leave comments against chapters, and you can reply to them. Interaction yay!

  • There's a review feature that was added for an event I held with the Inkspired creators and my local writing peeps. It allows chapters in draft (not published publicly) to be sent to nominated Inkspired members for pre-publishing review. Reviewers can leave comments directly on the draft. Good for those who want some feedback or a proof before they make a chapter live.

  • So far, I'm liking it. I've got a couple of stories up there, and already have a bunch of followers. The instant feedback is great.

    It's still in beta, as they're still building in features. The pre-publish review feature is very new (and needs a bit of refinement), and they're working on it. They're also building in a donation system with Paypal, so readers can donate directly to authors they like (I don't think this is live yet; I can't see any donation buttons available!). I'm not sure what else they're working on in the background!

    They're really receptive to feedback about the features and the site. I've already given them a bunch of ideas and input. I think you guys should go have a go and let them know what you think. :)

    My stories:

    Vampire Victim Support Group:


    I think I'd want to wait to see the community they develop. It really just sounds (and looks a little) like another Wattpad, and I'm really not crazy about Wattpad.

    It sounds like another Wordpress blog + WFG combo to me. But WFG has WAY more already established users.

    Tartra - yeah, it is a similar concept to Wattpad. I'm not sure how they compare exactly (I haven't tried Wattpad). The community side is just starting out; I'm not sure where it'll go!

    Chrysalis - I guess? Inkspired has a different goal and focus to WFG, though, so it should shake out quite differently. Proof will be in the pudding, though, as they say. :)

    How does Inkspired's goal and focus differ from WFG? That wasn't entirely clear for me.

    The one feature that does seem unique is the option of getting a draft proofed / receive feedback before publishing. As someone who writes in a foreign language and constantly worries about errors I can't catch myself, I'd be in love with that feature. Finding reliable proofreaders every week is... kind of difficult.

    @ Chrysalys

    Every week? Try daily :)

    Haha, don't try daily.

    Been there, done that, dealt with the existential crisis.

    @Billy - I can almost hear your pain through the screen. :P

    Ah, daily posting. Did that for a year, it was crazy and immersive and fun. Now I'm happy with weekly posts. ;)

    Chrysalis - Inkspired is a publishing and reading portal, rather than a directory/review site. The aim is to connect readers with stories (and with authors), but for material published through the portal. It's more like Wattpad than WFG.

    Hey, Chrysalis, if you're looking for someone to help you out, I'd be happy to proofread regularly for you. Are you just looking for someone to catch usage/language errors?

    Yes! That would help immensely. I make excessive use of google phrase search to try and eliminate most language related errors, but I still miss stuff. I'm always anxious about misused words or idioms that pull readers out of the story. I want them to be immersed.

    Let me know how I could contact you with my weekly updates! <3

    Haha, Tartra. Good hearing!

    Daily updates are far from impossible, but an eighteen year old who wasn't writing daily really had no business making the attempt.

    @ BillyHiggins

    We'll see if I manage to update daily indefinitely. Anyway, updating daily seems less of a hassle than writing daily. After all, as long as I (or any other writer) pen down more than one scene while at it, then that builds a buffert towards those days when nothing gets written.

    The main difference, as far as I'm concerned, from prior manuscripts is the need to frontload texts as the next scene in sequence has a hard deadline.

    I took a second look at Inkspired, and it actually looks pretty interesting. The pun title is a plus, as is the site design. I was also surprised by the fact that there are comics on there? Pretty cool.

    I've been thinking/talking about posting a thread about web serial hosting. This reminded me to go and do that, so thanks.

    @Sten During: Yeah, daily writing is really important for me. I want to say that it's really important for all writers, but Wildbow kinda disproves that theory, so...

    Anyway, good luck with it.

    @Chrysalis - hey, I sent you an email through the address you had listed on your site. Look forward to hearing from you!

    @Kess - Okay, Boomflowers looks awesome. I might sign up for the site just so I can follow your story. :)

    Sten/Billy - making myself write every day was one of the reasons I chose to do daily posts for the Apocalypse Blog (deadlines work for me). It was always nice to be able to write enough for a day off, though. ;)

    Billy - I completely forgot to mention that you can do 'visual' stories! They have a few comics up there already, yes. And a photo-based story, I believe.

    E_Foster - yay! I... should go write more of that. Yes. Very soon!

    I would say that all three methods for registering an id on Inkspired resulting in an error makes the site less than useful.

    Windows 8.1, Google Chrome. Facebook, no response (you just return to the login page); Twitter, twitter challenge handshake error; site-internal registration, webserver error 500.

    Damn. I've noticed some differences when using Chrome, but I didn't try to sign up that way. (I don't like connecting my accounts, so I always sign up fresh, too.) I'll let them know, thanks Sten!


    Observe that the vanilla registration bombs for me as well. That was the one I referred to with 'site-internal'.

    I used internal as well, i'm dual posting on it and jukepop (and wattpad too, I thought they were just a file aggregater for text files, i must have had them confused with some other site I used to use) weekly my old phoenix 2125 serial, editing as I go. I have found a LOT more interaction and readers right off the bat from Ink than JP. my main issues are that each post has its own reviews, which is odd, to make a star rating you HAVE to make a review, but you can leave a no cahracter review. so its really just a blank star rating, which is odd.