Interactivity in updates

I read somewhere that it's better to interact with your audience, to build a community around your website, of sorts. I used to do this with my webcomic and it worked great (starting with a fan art contest and eventually setting up a highly active forum), but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do this with Rema, mostly because I love the way the Rema blog looks right now as an archive.

Does anyone have any advice on how to post updates in a graceful way that incorporates both the latest chapter and a blog entry? I was thinking of using my main blog as the place for the casual post, then linking to the archives on the main Rema website, but it seems like one too many clicks. I also thought about putting my thoughts on the chapter below the illustration, but that also seems disruptive to the reading experience. Hm... what to do!!!

Hm. The only way I can think of do both post/page is with Wordpress self-hosted install. (WP does "posts" and "Pages" so I do a post on my top level/landing page to make announcements with a link-through to the main "page" that houses the update.)

I'm kind of torn though. I like the way the main rema story is right now. It has a very clean navigation system that makes it work for new readers. I don't think readers will mind clicking through but I do wonder if it's worthwhile to change everything around. I don't think the majority of my readers care much about my other thoughts. In some cases I find my readers just want to get to the story and tend to ignore even my random comments or artwork...

I can do it in Drupal. I have something like that on my site, actually: over at you'll see the most recent comic at the top of the page, and then below that you'll see a newsroll of recent posts on the site. The same for, only the fiction projects are in different tabs. It's not a terribly elegant implementation, though--I'm afraid I'm not a very graceful human being: I'm a bull trying to design a china shop. :-)

Hm. One thing to consider is maybe adding a column or reorganizing the current left-hand column to show the RSS feed from the main blog/author blog site? THe main"middle space" remains for story posts, but at least there's something on the left that can hint/lead back to other sites.

I've also seen people use script-based twitter widgets to flag their tweets... kind of subtly hints at other "posts/tweets" by the creator without overwhelming the main content.

Ah thanks so much for the feedback guys. You've given me a lot of food for thought. I'm still stuck in the decision though haha~ part of me is content enough to just post the book without hunting around for too big an audience. I dunno why... right now I have maybe 200 unique visitors on update day (a far cry from the traffic that my webcomic got), but because I haven't shown my work to anyone for five years this is PLENTY of eyeballs for me right now! haha~I'm like WHOA that's more people than a university classroom! WOO HOO! XD

Amy - is your webcomic still online? You could link that comic in the various major directions, add in link to the novel (as the continuation) and you have a whole new (potential) funnel for readers...