Interview with Chris Poirier

So remember that interview I did with Tartra? I did another with Chris Poirier which can be found here:

In it, we talk about the various trials and tribulations of WFG and the effort it takes to run it. Its quite interesting, you should check it out. Also, if you want to do an interview with me, comment on my site and basically just ask. I'll use the email you provide. Also, Wildbow, if you are listening, I definitely would like to do one with you, but I don't know how to get in contact with you.

How often you plan on doing these, t4nky?

Thanks for the interview, it was very helpful.

I'm pretty sure Wildbow lists his email on his various sites. :) You could also ask in a comment, I believe he reads all of them.

Glad people are finding these interesting. I hope to branch out in other ways as well.

Good read. I had wondered how WFG started.

I'd be amenable, Tfournkey. My writing email is Wildbowpig at gmail dot com.

Nice. Let me do a bit of research and I'll email you the script.

Script written and mailed, Wildbow. You should get it shortly.

*Presses face against the window* :|

This is a nicely done interview. You should definitely write more of these.

*Goes back to lurking, vowing to one day participate in stuff and things*

Part of the plan, Noema. I'm probably going to branch out into other areas and other types of articles as well. For instance, once this week's interview is done, I think I might do something a little different.