Interview with David Wong of "John Dies at the End" fame

I keep posting Barri's interviews here because they're really great insight into success in web fiction, and keep getting more so.

This time she does David Wong, whose blog ended up published by St. Martin's press. And, as they say, more.

Thanks for the link.

Good stuff. I'm taking notes.

Somewhat put off by the article writer's constant insinuation that all webfiction writers are after publication/film deals/fame and glory

Yeah, it was a little jarring to see that. David Wong is a very normal guy and is, at most, flabberghasted by the fame his work's earned. There's a bit of an attitude lately shown towards the ones that have 'made it' from the ones that think they haven't yet that's a little off-putting. This whole 'how dare you get so lucky' attitude. We can't expect support from the people with strong readership like that!

It was a nice interview to read, don't get me wrong, but adding in the little jealous bits between David's actual words just doesn't come across well.

Well, I'm used to your knack for seeing or just dreaming up negative things to cavil about, Dary, but I hardly think that showing that people can have cross-over success is anything to fret about.

Nowhere to I read that "all online writers are interested in deals". Some are, some aren't, some have deals pop up in their faces, as is made clear in this interview, particularly, I would say.

NOWHERE do I see anybody saying 'how dare you get so lucky'

That's a total projection

I know Barri and she has picked these writers to do first for a reason. If you are troubled, write to her about it.

Jeez. I wouldn't have believed there'd be anything to find fault with in this interview. But I forgot about you two.

How about letting people take it as it is? I think it's pretty damned cool. Note the "friendliness" post at the top of the forum. Don't you think it might apply to straining to find negative things to whine about in posts that most would find helpful?

Give us all a break, how about?

Garcon! I'd like some more fame, please, with a side of glory. And make it snappy.

In all seriousness, the envy expressed in the interview does get a bit grating. One or two tongue-in-cheek references would've been fine, even funny, but I think Barri went a bit too far on this one.