Interview with Ryan Span--blog to print

This interview with Ryan Span, author or "Street of Eyes", which appears here on WFG, has some really interesting points in it that other "weblitters" might be interested in: quite apart from his success in moving from blog to a print contract.

His comments on the use of art are good--and many new writers should take them to heart.

And his use of pdf chapters is really a great idea.

Thanks, Linton. I enjoyed doing this interview, and I hope it's entertaining -- maybe even useful! -- to any start-up webserial authors out there.



I found it interesting. Barri mentioned the pdf thing and I'm already scratching my head on how to do that for my next project.

Good luck with those books, by the way.

I used to have a pdf version of each chapter, but no one used them. I moved to having a pdf of every volume (5 chapters) and a couple of people have accessed them, but still nothing revelation-inducing. I think its still dictated by demographics - the majority of my audience aren't going to have e-readers which are still the toys of the white-middle-class professionals.

The other issue with pdf and e-book readers is how they handle images. Since I don't *have* a reader I don't know how/if they do. This wouldn't be an issue if the only image I had was the cover, but my narrative diverges into webcomic territory at various points. This proves causes layout issues with things that use standard pages (like normal books!) and until I know how e-readers deal with that my pdf remain text only (with illustrated scenes replaced with text, totally weakening their intended impact!)]

But I keep them up there just in case.

I like your idea of going by volumes or sections. Easier than each chapter... but there is an appeal to "bite sized".

But pdf can be read on any computer, including laptops and webtablets or whatever. And handle graphics just fine. One of the things I like about them and don't like about all those proprietary reader formats. I completely agree that giving up color and images is a drag.

One thing I haven't tried yet, but will when I get around to it is sizing graphics to the iPhone/iTouch screen, so a pdf could be read with pics

Good article! I like the way you've laid it out :-)

Can I just add something to the ebook-reader/PDF concept?

For those who aren't aware - standard PDFs are NOT always ebook-reader friendly. If they're formatted to around half the usual A4 or Letter page size, they're readable on a number of dedicated ebook-readers. But others - most of the Kindles, for example - don't support PDF at all.

Dary - You might find that looking at the end product in calibre - - will give you an idea of how it'll look on an ebook-reader. It's what I use to check mine.

There's a preety cool blog post on that same site about using Open Office to create pdf's.

I've used it and you can make the document pages any size you want, put in working bookmarks and links, link to and from images, etc.