Interview with Tartra

So, I did an interview with Tartra which can be found here:

So, what do you guys think? Did I ask the right questions? Were there any parts where I should have tried to go deeper? Is it any good? Also, if any of you want to do an interview with me, give me your email. I'll do it based on who seems most interesting.

:D Thank you for doing this with me, t4nky! I had fun with it.

No problem. I figured that having some content *about* web serials would help all of us more than another web serial. Kind of hope I'm right.

It was interesting. I do not know if that is what readers want, but all the external content can't hurt, right?

Sweet. Been meaning to start an interview series myself, but not quite the same vein as yours. Very cool!!

Great work!

I've been tinkering with a plan to interview some authors on my blog as well. I really should get that going. :D


Yes. That was a casual announcement. Good work, me.

Way to keep it casual, Tart.

You can yay a bit if you feel the need.