Interview with webWriter Cory Cramer

The initial interview on this new network for online and ebook writers is now up to be seen.

Barri chose Cory for the "maiden voyage" of her "Point of interView" blog because he has parlayed his online readership into print publication.

His remarks should be of interest to posters on this forum

Cory is a member of this forum and has a story up on the main WFG site. It's an interesting interview.

Thanks for interview Linton.

I see my new serial Under Ottumwa is up here at WFG (there is no screen-shot, but the story is there, I promise:)

I'm about 50,000 words into this one and things are really heating up. I've been writing a new novella that has been taking up a lot of my time, but hopefully after Thanksgiving I should be doubling the output on Under Ottumwa.

Under Ottumwa is a Dark Urban Fantasy along the lines of True Blood. It's funny, romantic, and dark. It's also the prequel to Losing Latitude, which is no longer online because it will be coming out in as a limited edition hardcover in early 2011.

If you dig this kind of story, check it out. I've had a lot of fun writing it.

I'll pass your thanks on to Barri, Cory. She doesn't post here because she's too chicken to show her novel in public. Ironic?

I see that you signed up over on Good move. You ought to plug in your RSS feed to your profile there.

Now that's we're talking about! We're greedy Molochs, every one of us. Total whores. We'd love to see Mayan Calendar Girls go to print. Better yet a movie deal. TV series wouldn't be too bad. If we can choose the showrunner and fire them whenever we feel like it.

Way to go, Cory!