Interview with Wildbow

So, I did another one of these. This time with Wildbow. I think I'm getting better at this, but a good chunk of the interviewee. Since Wilbow's been interviewed before, I actually was able to avoid asking him the same questions over again. It was a shame, because I couldn't ask him about site statistics without covering the same ground again, but it did make me focus more on what it takes to be a successful web serial writer. The interview can be found here:

Nicely done. I noticed some kind of weirdness with the formatting from time to time -- it may just be a random browser or font thing on my end, but there were occasional stretches where the text would get much smaller than the rest -- but it wasn't often. The interview itself was really good, and the Penny Arcade cartoon was a great touch.

I bolded my questions. That may be the problem.

No, it's in Wildbow's answers. For example:

"down anything I was" has very small text in it--the first "d" and last "s" is normal sized, and the rest of the phrase is smaller. When I use inspect elements on that piece of the page, this is what I see:


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It looks like there's a random block of nested styles that was just thrown in there. It shows up again two paragraphs later.

Copying things into Wordpress gets weird. I suppose I'm going to have to fix it.

Ok, I think its fixed. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

This was super interesting and it really gives you perspective on putting in work and effort and thinking long term. I'm enjoying all of the interviews you're doing. Thanks for the continued lovely content, T4nky.

Not a problem. These interviews are fun, quick, and the Wildbow one has so far gotten 674 views since I posted it. That's a pretty big reason to continue to do this.

I completely and 100% agree with Wildbow:

John Wick was not a good film.

EXCUSE ME. John Wick was a fantastic film! The visuals and choreography were exceptional! As a story, sure, whatever, but as a movie? Yes, yes, yes!

I would have to agree with Tartra. John Wick was fantastic!

Noooooo, my precious opinion! I am powerless without it! *Is sucked back into the hellish vortex from whence she came*

You win this time, but I'll be back.


(If there's a sequel.)

There is actually going to be a sequel for John Wick. I will look forward to seeing you again. :)

A big issue I had with John Wick was that he consistently made mistakes that broke my suspension of disbelief. If he's so good that he's earned the reputation he has, and survived as long as he has, then he couldn't and shouldn't be giving people chances to get the drop on him, surprise him, or shoot at him enough that they miss by a couple of inches. If he was genuinely the monster he's made out to be, then he wouldn't have survived nearly that long without someone getting lucky. The rest of it, the scene, the strategy, the methodology (leaving the woman alive, how he made his way through the club), it doesn't build on his mythos.

The 'close call' events are great for the typical blockbuster, but they don't serve the character or the story. Compare to Leon the Professional; in the final scenes especially, Leon is well out of his element, but he still shows an intelligence and level of innate strategy that points to years in the trade. LtP still remains visually gripping, moving, and reasonably logical. Everything up to that point factors in - even the routine of constantly doing situps, and the maneuver above the door.

Choreography thus gets no points from me for Wick.

Visuals, it wasn't bad, but nothing really stood out, beyond the very fake looking CGI dog poop.

It was a summer action blockbuster with good production values (except for the dog poop), but that does not a good movie make.

I haven't seen John Wick. But I enjoy reading Wildbow words. :D

I still disagree. I think the character was underdeveloped (and a little undeserving of his reputation because of that), and many of his choices were like, "Really, John? How long were you doing this for?" but the choreography more than made up for it for me. I separated it from the story itself - which should be a bad sign, but hey - and loved it for the thrills I wouldn't be able to get from reading the screenplay and questioning this or that.

So yes, the story was weak. It is not a good novel. But it's an excellent swirl of visuals and they nailed the atmosphere for their fight scenes. I'm wondering what there is to for a sequel, though. It felt like they covered everything and already stretched the story.

I chopped the people getting the drop on him due to being out of the business for so long. He was rusty. His body was older. He had been out of the business since before Tarasov's son, the puppy killer, was born, or at the very least, since he was a child. Kid had to be at least 20 (hard to tell with movie magic). We'll say it's 10-20 years without fighting, possibly without training himself as well. In his peak, he was a scary mo-fo, but now, he's still scary but he's older and not as fit as he used to be. People were going to get the drop on him.

The sequel, in my opinion, is just going to be a cash grab. People liked the first movie and they're hoping to make more money with a second one.

Honestly Wildbow, reading about your experiences is quite motivating. Thank you t4nky for doing this review, actually in general thank you for doing interviews, getting some activity is good for all of us, and the insight into the people of the community is quite good.

A very interesting interview. Nicely done, t4nky.

It is always nice to get some more insights into such things. But the questions are really not the ones I would think of as usual. Liked to read it very much. Doubly liked the Art and Music recommendations I did not know. :)

However...some small part of my just died, reading about the amount of dedication it took. The shit rolling down the hill. :| I do hope it was the weak, selfish slacker-part that likes to spent his wednesday mornings wearing a bathrobe and watching old cartoons.

Tintenteufel: The amount of work actually has made me get my head in the game. I wanted to make a living off of this, Wildbow told me what I needed to do. And honestly? Fifty hours a week sounds like what a normal job would entail, if a lot less. If you want to see if you can make time for watching cartoons, that's fine. I want that too, in fact, I think everyone here wants that or something similar.