Umm hello (waves somewhat nervously). My name is Jim and I am a novice writer (now pulls his seat back to him and sits).

For years I have been considering writing, part of me aching to do it but never sure how or where to start. A few months ago I discovered web serials (Drew Hayes's Superpowereds and Wildbows Worm). Recently I have decided to commit to the creation of a web serial. With that in mind I have begun working on a story called True North.

I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on what I have written so far.


Eep, can't believe I missed this! Welcome welcome Unrak/Jim! It's a long and lonely road, but a little less lonely with friends around!

I was only able to briefly glance at your serial, but the site is very clean and crisp, I like the style, and your writing is nice and cohesive without any glaring errors that pulled me out of the story.

Congrats on starting, and hope to see more of you around here!

Hi and welcome!

I liked the look of your serial as well, and while superhero stories are not my forte, I like that you drop the reader right into the narrative action. It's a really nice way to get to know the characters. (And I went on and followed your story since it's always nice to have followers - especially when you're new!) :)

Look forward to seeing more of your writing!

Thanks for reading and responding folks. I think the hardest part of this is stepping up and putting my writing out there, amazing how exposed that makes you feel.

Especially if no one's commenting. Then you start to wonder...

Maybe I should have gotten a job going around and trying to goad people into commenting.

As a novice writer I feel a bit proud of myself today. I just posted the latest update to my story and realized I just passed eight thousand words. I am sorely tempted to post for a review and posting, but oh the review is a bit frightening. Really reinforces what my students must feel when they hand in essays.

I say post it anyway and wait for the reviews. Accept what you like and think is sound, constructive advice, and ignore everything you know deep down doesn't work for your own writing or was written with malicious intent. Posting your writing and getting comments helps you improve as a writer. Even if it's the worst thing possible, guess what--you'll get way better the next time. That's how writing works.

Submitted for a review just now.

Good advice Zephy.