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I'm sure Chris is going to delete this thread, but first I just have to say:




I'm kind of hoping this gets left up for a while. spamming mixes first and third person? This is a thing?

It is if it's using google translate.

Oh dear, I can't stop laughing at this. I mean this is straight out of my email spam box.

And on a less than serious note but related to this topic, why do all spammers think I'm a guy? I've a stalker named Sara who claims herself to be a milf spamming me(I rather not say what she wishes to do with me)Russian girls wanting me for some "serious" dating. Why shove offer for every erectile dysfunction drug know to man at me? I'm now driven to ask, why can't an sugar-daddy spam me for once offering back massages? Or a online pharmaceutical company give me show me some deals on chocolate, Advil, massaging pillows, heat pads, and other needs for my PMS. Or, I don't know, acknowledge I'm a woman. I mean just to mix it up a little while I'm trying to dig out important emails that end up there.

I'm a man in my 30s and keep getting adverts for "herbal viagra for women", Canadian meds, and dating profiles. I feel relatively certain I don't do anything that would suggest I'm in *any* of those demographics.

Wanna trade spam?

Sure, I hope you don't mind the occasional Nigerian lawyer who just so happens to be giving away 1,500,480$ USD dollars from a client with no heirs.

You've all got it wrong. This is the prologue for a brilliant thriller. The author has done their homwework, look how accurately they've recreated a spam-like ad, but see how it reeks with menace and underlying tension. Brilliant. And the name, Tisa Smith, unforgettable. I can't wait for the next chapter.

I think it was designed to hit a certain category of blogs, and the first line is supposed to be like, a descriptive by line, telling you about the author.

I love the themed spam! On earth day I got one, Trees aren't the only thing you could be growing! BIGGER ERECTIONS WITH OUR ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY HERBAL REMEDY!

Mooderino... damnit, i can't either now.

Hey. Maybe we can "exquisite corpse" this bad boy! Anyone want to write the next bit?

Ooh! We can do it by copy/pasting our own spam! Unfortunately, I purged mine too recently to have more. Hazards of having only a business email, and only using it for business, is I really don't get much spam at all.

I've often imagined it would be fun to write a short story about a world in which email spam is for actual products whose features are accurately described.

I've often imagined it would be fun to write a short story about a world in which email spam is for actual products whose features are accurately described.

I thought people might find this video enjoyable:

It's the adventures of a guy who replies to spam emails.

Tisa Smith glanced at the computer screen before quickly looking away again, gently gnawing at her lower lip. Would it work? Would anyone understand her message?

She gave the clock on the wall a quick peek. It was getting late in her day. Lost in thought, she crossed her arms and tapped her foot before uttering out loud, "I don't know. Maybe it needs something more."

Her eyes finally came back to her computer screen, the glow capturing her undivided attention as she reread her advert. It was her life's work, telling the world about the online drugstore. She knew she had a mission, a calling. Remaining humble was difficult sometimes, especially since so many people in the world desperately needed Kamagra oral jelly but didn't have a convenient supplier.

Some people didn't even know what Kamagra oral jelly even was! It was a travesty!

Tisa had to spread the word, and who better than professional Health Expert in New York? Lower ranked health professionals might capitalize their whole title, or part of it. However, Tisa had been trained by a secret sect of online healthcare professionals, and her esoteric knowledge allowed her the privilege of living on the edge. She had earned the right to mix up her title's capitalization.

Every time she did so, it gave her a rush.

She inhaled sharply, a flash of insight crossing her mind. The professional Health Expert knew what she had to do. The bullet points in her message were on point. She had even mentioned that customers had 24X7 to solve their quires.

Her company was truly advanced, pioneering the field in customer care. Other companies may have a ticket system, or handle customer queries. However, her company had been enlightened and handled all the customer quires in a timely manner.

Sometimes it was awkward in polite company when she had to explain was a "quire" was, though. Uttered without context, someone who was not on the cutting edge of healthcare process and care might misunderstand what she meant. Tisa wasn't interested in dropping pejoratives, she just wanted to to introduce a larger portion of the world to super p force and Tadalis.

The consummate professional nodded as her dexterous fingers hammered out the last of her changes. Yes...yes! This was it! Before, her message had been all in first person--informative but boring. Her eyes glowed as she beheld her masterpiece. She had changed the first sentence to introduce herself in third person! She was Tisa Smith! It was brilliant.

With a sigh of satisfaction, Tisa clicked on the submit button for the forum she had been planning to post to, some place for writers and other artsy types. She knew they too probably needed a quality supplier of generic Levitra.

Tisa stretched, stifling a yawn and got up from the computer to take a much needed break. She could use a snack. Doing the world so much good was a tiring job. Luckily, a bottle of Kamagra oral jelly had her name on it too.

She smiled. It had been a good day.

I couldn't help myself. I hope my readers don't discover I spent time writing this. :P

@BC... I can't stop laughing. Poor misunderstood Tisa Smith ;)

Thanks @Blaise -- that was fun. :)

Tisa woke the next morning, the bitter taste of regret laced with vodka and Kamagra assaulting her senses.

"Not again!" she muttered as she struggled to reach her computer. She retrieved the latest message, hoping it wasn't too late this time. She frantically scrolled through the words on the screen. She shook her head in disbelief. "This is not me!"

Tisa Smith? My, God! Had she really called herself... that? And what devilish wares had she peddled this time? Viagra, kamagra, generic Levitra, super p force...

"No! This is not right!" She stood up and ran to the hallway mirror before her head imploded. "I'm... I'm not even from New York! I'm from... Nigeria?"

No. That was last week's lie.

Tisa could feel the voices returning. So many voices... so many products... so many ridiculous names like layers of an onion obscuring the truth.

"But why a writer's forum this time?"

Yes. Maybe that was the key? Perhaps, on some subconscious level, she'd tried to reach out to something... someone... familiar?

The maddening horde of commercialistic vampires sucking the life from memory started to fade from her thoughts, offering her a brief respite to reclaim a sliver of sanity.

"Yes," she said, sure of it this time. "I'm... I must be a writer!"

Tisa Smith, or whoever she was this time, had to hurry.

Why here? Why now? Who the hell am I?

Any moment, she would lose herself again, as the vortex of voices returned to sweep her away, reducing her once more to a whore for another product with a new name, the slate of truth wiped clean again as she stared despondently at the stranger in the mirror, and leaving behind another unrealized clue to her true identity...

I feel like a legend is being born.