Inviting Re-reviews

I like the review process, because quite often it leads to improvements in my own writing. On "No Man an Island" the comments by reviewers pushed me to improve some things, and the relationships I developed with some of the review writers also helped. In fact, some of those relationships led to my role here on the Web Fiction Guide.

That being said, "The Surprising Life and Death of Diggory Franklin" was reviewed at chapter 23. There are now about 50 chapters, and most of things people were clamouring for have taken place, so I invite a re-review. :)

Yes, I did just notice this topic now...

Catching up on Diggory is on my list of things to do. Unfortunately this list includes reviewing apprx. one thousand and one listings that I should have read and reviewed months ago. So it may be awhile longer before I can get to it. :(

Yeah, I'm struggling to find time to do reviews as well. The new listings are growing, and I barely have time to keep up with my favourites, let alone check out something brand new.

I had noticed the number of editor reviews slipping lately, although the number of new listings has just skyrocketed. You should probably consider recruiting more editors. I don't know how you'll ever keep up otherwise. ;)



I've been boned on my reviewing time lately too... I hardly have enough time to write my own story let alone read others

That's why I'm borrowing Donna's five chapter rule. I don't think people expect us to read every single chapter of every single story.

Or do they?


Ryan Said: You should probably consider recruiting more editors. I don't know how you'll ever keep up otherwise. ;)

I'm inclined to agree. Or, if you don't feel comfortable with 'hiring' people permanently, than perhaps snatching up some pinch hitters for when everyone is busy would be nice. Another option would be implementing some kind of lottery system for reviews, determining how many are done per month, creating a reviewer-wide style for how many words/chapters/installments are to be read, etc.

Sonja Said: I don't think people expect us to read every single chapter of every single story./ Or do they?

Not every chapter or every story, nopers! My opinions on the amount a reviewer should read has a freakish amount of variables, anyways. ^^;;

It may be that we do need more editors, but with ten on the list, you'd think that more of us would have time than currently seems to be the case.

It may be that with as many of us as there are, all of us are assuming that someone else will pick up the slack...

And the slack is being picked up, so that's a relief -- apologies to anyone and everyone for slacking, but my wife had a baby, and I had some illness, but now I'm reviewing a lot more frequently.

Sheesh. And here I feel guilty because I have one series I promised to review (and am reading; and will review) which I haven't done yet, thanks to sickness, toddler, school, etc. You guys got me beat. :)

About that re-review thing, I was holding off on asking Chris if he would mind updating his review of CotF because there are so many new stories that have yet to be reviewed, but I guess I'll do it now since this thread's here.

So... Uh... Chris, your review was of the first 9 chapters of CotF--now there are 18 and I think the story has progressed enough to warrant a second look at the review... If you have time... If you wanna... If you read this. Thanks!

Hi Alex,

I have been reading CotF since that review, at least, mostly. I'll reread my original review when I get a chance and see if I want to change anything.


Thanks, Chris, I appreciate it.

Informational question: Are reviewers, um... paid?

Hi Sara,

No. WFG is all volunteer.


After Sonja's review of Tiger and Fox, I've already begun the rewrite and am posting the reworked story under the 'Revised' heading on my site: I'd like to know if the rewrite is an improvement while also pointing out that, despite the previously reviewed issues, I'm continuing to post the original in the hope that someone would comment on the story itself.

I have to note that the story is barely begun in only four chapters and character growth is hardly likely to be obvious in such a short time. I would ask for Sonja to look at the revised chapters while inviting anyone else to review the work as currently uploaded.

The original is getting posted daily in roughly 1,000 word segments, while the revision is being posted as each chapter is completed, broken also into 1,000 word segments.