Is this kind of normal for a new series?

Alright so I started the last saturday of last year and do a weekly update. Yesterday I got my biggest views for a single day. Most days it is single digits or teens at this point. Before that my biggest views was a few weeks ago because my first follower found me and looked at everything!

Anyway yesterday, I got a little more than my top day and today blew yesterday out of the water almost three times the size of my last biggest days views. It is also the biggest i've had in terms of visitors in a day and it isn't til tomorrow that i post my next update so i'm like......

What happened. I mean is that kinda normal for newer people? I figure the bigger names have enough that gaining several dozen clicks is just a random uptick or something, but for me its like what happened I dont know!

Sorry a bit rambling on my part i'll be quiet now.

It could be coincidence, or word of mouth, or a handful of readers reading through a lot of your updates. If you use Wordpress, you can check the average reads per visitor on a given day - just take a look at your statistics.

Congrats, at any rate :D

Yeah, the average went up a lot too. Of course, I've only had 11 chapters/posts so far. About to put up the next one which ends the first story arc. The first arc was a fair amount world building and the next arc is going to have to story starting to move more.

I just realized it was enough to push my most viewed day to friday. I think its interesting to notice when things like this happens at the start.