Is voting on Top Web Fiction working correctly?

My total votes went down to 6 today from 9 this morning. Wordpress is telling me I've had 2 people click on my voting link after that. It hasn't gone up at all. I then voted for myself today, correctly, and it didn't go up past 6. I then had friends and family members use the data plan on their phones to vote for me. It's been a few hours now and it still hasn't gone up.

Votes last one week, if you vote more frequently it just resets the clock on how long it lasts. In the last 7 days six individuals have voted for your serial.

I know how it works. When I voted it made me enter a captcha and it said my vote would count, but it didn't. Same with my friends.

I mean it could be a massive coincidence where I just happen to lose a vote at the exact same time I get one, but the odds of that being the case are extremely low.

Are you looking at the 1 week page or one of the other options? Have any of these people voted in the past? Was your last update a week ago?

Were the new votes from people who hadn't voted for you recently?

To be clear: I'm asking if these were new voters, not just the same voters on different devices...

I've adjusted the suspicious-vote-detection algorithm a bit, as it was perhaps being a little overly aggressive, given current levels of cheating. No promises it will change anything for your listing.

The general guideline is don't try to inflate your vote count. You probably won't like the results.

Ok, thanks. I don't know why it would flag me as cheating. I only even asked my friends to vote as a test, after I noticed that many more people on my website were clicking the vote link than I was getting votes.

@Taulsn: 1 week page, I don't know, that day

@Chris: New people in answer to your question.