I finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally, finally finished writing Issue 12! It's up! The chains have fallen from my hands and legs, the scales have fallen from my eyes, a choir of angels have--well, OK, that's just my playlist, but the point is that I HAVE FINALLY PUBLISHED CURVEBALL ISSUE TWELVE.


Note to self: No more "double issues" for a while.

So the cool thing, for me, is that now that it's hit Issue 12 I consider Curveball to year a year old. Technically it hit a year in June, but if I'm doing the comic book motiff than really it has to be 12 issues. So... Happy Birthday CB!

Now I can get the rest of my writing back on trek. The Points Between next!

Yay! Congrats on reaching your goal!

And the funny thing is that even being a couple months late for an issue fits the comic book motif.

Congratulations, in any case.

And now I'm off to read it...

"Bornnnnnnnn freeeeeee. As free as the windddddd blows. As free as the grassssss grows, born freeeeee to follow your heart."


Congrats! It is an awesome feeling when you get to the end. Even if you love it to bits!

Best of luck with The Points Between, too. :D

Oh it's not the end of the serial, though. Just the end of the Issue That Would Not End.

You should have called it "The Issue That Would Not End" as a joke/easter egg.

It was worth the wait! now, PB!