JukePop Anthology

Hey guys, JukePop Serials just put out an anthology of its best work. It's a sampler of sorts, or maybe an appetizer platter from Applebees (now I'm starvin)

My serial, "The Watchmage of Old New York," is in it. So is Nick Bryan's "Hobson & Choi."

Just thought I'd say something, cause this community has been so important to my growth as a serial writer. Thank you.


Glad to be included, looking forward to the buzz of receiving my contributor's copy (assuming it makes it across the Atlantic unscathed). Does seem expensive for a collection of already-online material but maybe a cheaper ebook or something is forthcoming.

I'm hoping that we do a signing. The printer/book store is in manhattan, which is just a half hour train ride (or three hour bus ride) from me.

Of course, my train line is the one that derailed last week. Stupid conductor was doing twice the proper speed.

I now have my copy, it is indeed quite a nice book. And five whole chapters of H&C which isn't a bad sampler. Sadly a signing might be tricky from over here.