Just a new (virtual) face saying hi.

Hello all,

I just found this site. I've been writing web-fiction for a while as a way to have something out there while I work on my regular fiction. Of course, I don't have much out there. Just a humor series that's published online (if you call having a friend you met at a writers group asking you to post it on their site for free) and a horror story I put on my own personal website, plus a few poems in online magazines (the only real creative writing I've ever had truly published.)

I've been looking for places to talk about web-fiction and all it entails and I stumbled on here. It looked inviting, so I pulled up a chair made out of registration, submitted some sites and poured myself a nice hot cup of post.


Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here. :) I'm more of a shadow that wanders around on the site, but I do make the occasional posts. What kind of horror do you write?

I'd like to visit your website sometime if you're interested in sharing it. :) I hope to see you around.

Welcome, Rebekah. Enjoy the writery ambiance.

Hi! I saw your intro post on the blog fiction forum, amidst the tumbleweeds and spambots.

I do hope the online fiction community continues to grow - will be looking forward to seeing your work.

Thanks for the warm welcome! :)

Jacquelyn - I'm currently writing more supernatual hellish type horror with some psychologicalish aspects. My website's http://writertask.webs.com.

Noodles - I will enjoy the writerly ambiance. It feels so... writerly. :)

MedleyMisty - Ah yes, I noticed the "I am from India. Buy my watches" posts on the blog fiction forums. If one of them makes a reply to my introduction I'm just going to have to say that since I'm not a Viking, I don't enjoy spam. :)