Just sayin' hello (finally)

Hello WFG community. I should have done this first when I discovered the forums here, but I jumped into writing a few reviews instead. I'm Scott Scherr, another serial novelist. Currently I'm dabbling with the undead while many of you are writing superhero serials. I'd heard that zombies were the thing here a while ago so what will probably happen is when I get around to writing a superhero serial, you all will have moved on to something else (I'm late like that). Seriously, I'm just looking forward to reading your works as time allows and joining in discussions here. Thanks for having me and I'll see you all around.

Hi Scott! Welcome to Webfictionguide. :)

The zombie thing immediately followed the superhero thing, to the best of my recollection. Superheroes really peaked around 2012-2013 and a lot of the ongoing superhero serials started thenabouts, give or take a year. Zombies really caught my attention in 2013-2014, even early 2015, where it seemed like there was a new one every couple of weeks.

See you around, Scott.

I remember zombies coming first. Zombies were HUGE when I started posting Pay Me, Bug! (in 2011). But if we wait long enough I reckon it'll all swing round again. Everyone write what they want! :D

What about goblins?

"What about goblins?"

Goblins suck! Why would anyone think that was a good... http://www.goblinscomic.org/archive/

Oh. Right.

I'm kidding, just so it's clear. But that actually is a pretty good series and did kick off a bit of a fad for the less-than-pretty D&D critters for a while.

Oh ya, I remember that webcomic. I read that years ago, but didn't know it was still going.

Also hey there Scott, and welcome to the WFG forum.

Hi, Scott! As someone who has never managed to be writing what's "in" when it's in (or ever, maybe), I second uber's vote.

I still feel weird saying this, because I'm still kind of a new kid myself, but welcome to the WFG forum.

Welcome to the pack and thanks for every review you put up. :)

I don't think zombies are to late - they're a long runner since at least 20 years in every media I know of. As long as it is fun and you bring something to the table you're fine.

Also: Yes, more flesh for the undead crowd! Not Zombies in my case but vampires - as dead as zombies if you ask me. Hopefully they stay that way. Another romanticised take on them and I'll get diabetes.

So, anyway: Glad to have you here. Impressive how much you've already up there. :)

Zombies, hm? I'll definitely have to give your story a read then! Welcome to WFG!

Hello Scott and welcome! Zombies are something that will never really go out of style. It may not be popular at the moment, but it will happen again in a few years. It's the same with superheroes as well. And just about everything that gets hugely popular.

I don't think it's ever a bad time to write more content. It's just a matter of personal enjoy and learning versus getting a fanbase.

Anyway, welcome. Keep suffering / enjoying the process as long as you can!

I believe that most of the iconic horror monsters speak to a kind of base fear that we have as a culture. Dracula was, if you read the book, a foreigner, eerily alluring to women despite being ugly, wealthy, mystical and powerful. Dracula was a story of triumph, though, because understanding the rules this foreign creature operated by and remaining faithful allowed the people to beat him and drive him out, after he invaded their land. Jekyll and Hyde or Dorian Grey speak to the ugliness within us all, the Wolfman speaks to the fear of the wilderness and the inability to completely trust one's neighbor, yadda yadda.

Zombies are something that strike a chord in our current culture and generation because they point to an inevitable, generally unstoppable death of society, and a death that eventually finds us. You can strive and struggle and fight, but it's still coming for you, and your death to the undead, often dragged down by your fellow man (be they living or unliving) in the process, it's something that we can all fundamentally understand. Global warming, the decline of society, running out of resources, being unable to provide for ourselves and our loved ones... we can all get this, and zombies embody this sort of situation where the environment is turning against us and society can no longer stand.

But if we get -angry-, then there's an opportunity to fight back, to stave off that inevitability and create a safer environment (even on the small scale), to have sustenance and shelter, to be safe. In a zombie story it's by way of chainsaws and molotovs (which are awesome), while in reality it's about caring, about taking a stand and working to make a difference.

I think the biggest successes of zombie media have mirrored when society was feeling most unsteady. Most recently we had the 2008 financial crisis. There will be other crises, and other points where zombie stories rise in the public eye, where more stories mirror what people are really feeling, and those people thus empathize better with them. Zombies are a classic.

The trick, and this isn't just for zombie stories, but the trick is to stand apart from the pack. This has been my biggest criticism with some of the stories I've reviewed on WFG. If your story is indistinguishable from The Walking Dead fanfiction, then that's lazy. Readers do need something in the mix that will turn their heads and pique their interest, all while the core conceit of the zombie story is maintained.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and for allowing one more zombie writer into the fold. For me, it's all about the character driven stories no matter what genre it is, and I'm looking forward to reading about the many people you all have created and then let loose to roam the pages of your works. That's what keeps me reading... and writing. As far as my present tale, I can only hope that I've stayed true to my original intent and allowed my diverse cast of characters the room they need to explore their dark new world, and each other. That's one of the greatest things about writing a serial novel... there's plenty of room to explore.

Wildbow, I completely agree with you. What's the point of writing another zombie story if it doesn't stand apart in an overloaded genre? All I can say is that the characters themselves are the driving force and my motivation to keep writing this long tale. These characters have often changed the direction of my intended outlines as the story has progressed. I love being surprised by what they decide and where they end up taking me. Will their stories trump my zombie catalyst and make this tale something more than the norm? I sure hope so. Here's to keeping my fingers crossed as I continue to place my bets on them. In the meantime, I'll keep chipping away toward the surface where my big-picture plans wait, and see if that picture still looks the same when I get there...lol.

But enough about zombies and post-apocalyptic characters. I'm looking forward to reading some of these superhero inspired tales and finding out about these characters and their motivations. Most of what I'm familiar with is from the movies I've seen and comic books so it will be refreshing to read about the characters you all have created. From what I'm familiar with, I like the dark stuff where the lines are blurred between villain and hero. My favorite superhero movie is Unbreakable because it wasn't clear-cut with costumes and causes. The characters in that movie had to find themselves through the good and bad within. That's the kind of thing I like. So point me in the right direction anyone.