Kickstarter for... Serialized Fiction

And look, it succeeded!

That looks like a really well organized kickstarter. Good for them and great to see it worked!

That's pretty exciting stuff, what with there being support and interest in serials.

Yeah, I supported it. Got a few of my titles like right away from them through Amazon (since they signed on with Amazon as they were closing out the Kickstarter.)

So the truth is - some of those serialized works were already in the can when they finished so they were serializing them for the heck of it. Some are okay. Some I did not like. But I do feel I got my money's worth.

The serials they sent me tha tI remember (and have not finished or bothered to read much of):

* The Many Lives of Lilith Lane

* Love is Strong as Death

* Hacker Mom

I hate to say it but just not my cup of tea . I enjoyed WOOL FAR FAR more... and highly recommend you guys look at Hugh Howey's story. He's an inspiration for self-publishers :)