Kickstarter for Writers

I did an article for the SFWA blog on how a writer can determine whether Kickstarter's right for their project (and them). You can read it here:

I tried and failed to figure out a way to condense the 70 pages of my Kickstarter book into one guest post, so I decided to discuss the first step. :)

Great post, thanks MCA! I'm looking at trying my hand at a Kickstarter campaign this year, so always good to know if I've got my eye on the important stuff. :)

I could see Kickstarter working for writers that want to go the traditional (and I think better) route of finding a publisher as well. It looks much better to a pub house if you can come in with a bunch of pre-sales.


FYI - since some of you are relatively new... this is another example of a kickstarter from the serial realm. Think it was all the non-novel content that got people to jump in and donate.

(The serial itself has modest stats if you can trust the PW ads data on their site. I think really the audio content and then the game content got people kind of excited about what was otherwise a very new serial.)