King of Trios is Back!

Imagine me pretty much like Kermit the frog running around with his hands in the air, waving them perhaps as though he did not have any strong feelings about doing so. Alright, so most of y'all don't care, but this promotion's been running this shut down angle for awhile and now they're back and ready to run this BIG three night event involving wrestling teams from across the world (if the world was primarily made up of the US, Japan, Canada, and Mexico, seeing as the Swiss wrestlers moved on to other promotions).

Now if only I had the money to actually be in that place for those three days and nights. Anyone got a place I can stay? And a car? And food? The food is negotiable. Anyone got a spare cat? Or about $600 for a flight and hotel?

One thing's for's about time I get a donation button on my site, get on that Patreon thing, and come up with some sort of incentives for people to donate.

Question! Is it legal to send people pictures of myself in various states of undress? Another question! Should I start at the feet and advertise on a foot fetishist website? Extra question! How much do you think people would pay to not receive photos of me in various states of undress?

Ah, but if we're not doing various states of undress, does anyone have any idea for incentives that don't involve Wildbow levels of significant increases in time spent on this a month? Not everyone can make enough to use writing as a job. Or draw. Or sing. What I'm trying to say is, I have very little I know of that I can offer people for money that is legal and won't cause blindness in all but 12% of victims/patrons.

insert as characters. updates early. I joked on madirose's site that PG commenting seems to kickstart a commenting section, so honestly, "I'll read and comment on your serial novel regularly while you remain subscribed at this level) would be a valid level, imo.

"For just $20, you could be in the story! For the low, low price of $40, you can survive your cameo! For $60, you can die a horrible but hilarious death!"

PG, how much to be a wrestler in your story? How about... the Butterfly Meanie?

I don't currently have wrestlers in my story, though I suppose mention could be made of them. Taken quite a liking to the Blue Meanie?

I've got one: "For just $600 (pocket change, really), you can be featured in absolutely nothing! That's right, if you empty your entire bank account, you are not just buying me a plane ticket; you are also buying the right to never be mentioned, ever!"

I personally would definitely do this one.

On a serious note, I would put this one up as a joke. And you never know; I would actually donate this much to someone who did this if I had the money, just because it's kinda funny and I'm really bad with money.

"And finally, I'd like to thank for making such a huge donation. He or she has certainly done me a great benefit, possibly, if such a person exists. I don't know, I'm just sayin'."

Yes, PG, you definitely changed my perception of wrestling forever. The Boogeyman is actually more badass than the Blue Meanie, but "the Boogeyfly" sounds silly.

The thing is, you can see The Boogeyfly using nothing but a finger and your very own nose.