Landing Pages in RSS Feeds

So, something I had seen a few comics doing recently seems to be catching on in serial fiction, Landing Pages! Have an update in the blog/feed itself about your update... with a link to the actual update?! Im just curious WHY you would do this?

I can think of one reason and that has largely to do with Wordpress. RSS is tied to Posts, not pages. And for those of us who prefer content to live as a page and not be forced into dealing with out of order posts and trying to reorder something (via navigation), that's why there is a post as a landing page pointing to a "page" . (Post vs page: )

You may also be feeding an RSS into a twitter that goes to people who don't want your latest update but rather land somewhere where they can find that or the first page. There are plenty of advantages to putting in a RSS that goes to a guiding page rather than the latest page itself.

Lastly, the most cynical reason-- driving up traffic. If you're a site that takes ads, you will double your page visit rate by asking your committed readers to hit landing page and going to secondary page. Downside: You may lose casual traffic.

Would you consider my site to do that? I have links on the main page, it is just to keep everything organized though, sort of a "read more behind the jump" thing...or maybe you are talking about something completely different?

I mean, ones where you get to a post that links to another post. A simple post saying, This has updated, and HERE is the link to read the actual update. It... confuses me. Citadel does it, but that is to seperate out the bonus content for rss subscribers, I get that (and like that system) but Monster They Deserve does it, and a couple others, I dont remember atm. it was just odd to me, I was wondering what kind of benefit making people click twice had.

Monster They Deserve (and Yes, Your Highness) does the post linking to a page because of the reason SgL already noted; my site is on WordPress and I can keep things a lot more neatly organized by putting all of my actual content on Pages, but since there is no RSS feed for Pages, I have to create a Post every time I update in order for people who subscribe to the site for updates to be informed that there is actually something new for them to look at. It's a little weird, but getting it all to organize as Posts was just a pain in the ass, and I find this to be a LOT easier to manage ^_^