Laura Noema's Fantastic Hideous Experiment

Ah, the sweet Miscellaneous, the Water Cooler, The Anything Goes Section--all an oasis to the self-aware newb on a web forum, who just wants to post something, but is not sure where is appropriate.

Behold my experiment! *pulls back the curtain*

Don't put your fingers too close, it's a biter!

It's also image heavy because it's a visual storytelling experiment. It should view just fine on mobile doodads, pads, and other technological ricketta-racketta, but consider yourself warned.

She is My Most Insidious Plot

"Join me and we can rule together."

Looks like a series of articles...nicely produced, interesting topics...but not fiction, unless I missed something?

One of the ones I read, literally the "hideous experiment" was a fictional story about a mad scientist / possible shapeshifting alien that raised a child and it went through stages of rebellion and abandonment because it's life as a human superhero was a lie -- very well done, a bit "telling" instead of "showing" because it was condensed. Would have been better as a long story, the premise was so cool, but for a snippet it was well done.

Thanks for reading and leaving comments, Fiona and GS! I'm still new to this whole 'letting strangers read my writing' thing, so that little bit of acknowledgement still gives me little spasmodic contortions of joy. (Right after I'm done hyperventilating in a paper bag because OHGODIAMSUCHAFRAUD.)

I don't think this will become anything bigger in the near future. It's a rewrite of a terrible short story I wrote five years ago, and the only named character, Levity, is from a terrible super hero graphic novel I made with a friend in high school after we watched 'The Tick' animated series. Both works have managed to stay in the back of my brain this long, so who knows?

For the moment, I'll be proud of myself if I can just keep the serial I'm cowriting updating on a semi-consistant basis.

EDIT Fiona: Wait, are you looking at the publication homepage that hosts this story? o_o *checks her linkie links* This is a single short piece, all the 'articles' you're seeing in the feed below the story are unrelated.

Oh, I see what I did, I clicked through to Next instead of scrolling down.

neoma, ill take a peek when i get home, work servers are filtering. but always write more! if you enjoy writing, never stop, no matter what other people say!