Legion of Nothing's Kickstarter is Live

Hey folks, just letting you know that I've actually posted the Legion of Nothing Kickstarter tonight.

Whether it works or not remains to be seen, but hey, it's up. That's a good thing. Thanks everyone who contributed to the discussion of the original version of the Kickstarter. I read and incorporated your comments (though probably not all of them). Still, I'm sure it's better now than it was.

And the parts that aren't better are all my fault.

If you want to see the results, it's here:



That is so awesome, and it looks like you've already got a bunch of backers in so little time!

Thanks. I'm fairly happy to see how well it's done so far--41% funded at this point. Hopefully that means we'll fully fund the book sometime soon, and in a totally ideal world, double the total and fund the next two books.

@ Jim - any plans for a paypal option? I prefer not to credit card my kickstartering.

I don't think I can use Paypal through Kickstarter (I haven't found an option to do so anyhow). Also, anything donated through Paypal doesn't count toward the project getting funded. If you want to do that, I'd wait till it's fully funded, and donate via Paypal on my site.

Oddly enough, Kickstarter uses Amazon for payments. If there's a way to use Paypal with Amazon, that might work.

It uses Amazon because Amazon owns it, I think. Like Audible and Goodreads...

Paypal operates as a derivative service of Ebay, as I understand it. Amazon (and Kickstarter, which is Amazon-owned) doesn't support it because they're competitors with Ebay.

That said, some kickstarters give a Paypal option and finagle it somehow, in a roundabout way.

What I've seen them do is allow people to make PayPal contributions and set up tiers for PayPal contributors, but those donations and tiers are contingent on the thing being successfully funded through kickstarter. So the PP contributions don't actually contribute to meeting the goal while the Kickstarter is in its fundraising period, but they do translate into profit after the fact.

That would explain it. That said, I'll look into it. I suspect though, that I'll probably have to just take the money separately and not have it officially count.

Oh, by "them" I meant "whoever is doing the kickstarter," not Kickstarter itself. I don't think Kickstarter as an organization deals with PayPal at all.

And two days in, it's at $1308 of $1500.

Ah glad it's back. Pitch is definitely tighter and levels are really good. I'm in :)

Not sure if this is helpful for those who can't use or won't use Amazon, but I"ve seen some folks use BackerKit to get "preorders". The catch is you have to first fully fund and campaign has to close before you can turn it on and throw Backerkit into effect. (BackerKit is also used to help manage complex reward tiers and such.)

Otherwise you can do a paypal but it won't count towards the total.

SO anyways, you're going to fund at this point. What's next?

Well, the first $1500 funds book 2, so I'll see if I can fund book 3. Bearing in mind that what I initially thought would be book 2 came in at 240,000 words, I had to cut some things. Basically, I've turned it into 2 90,000 word books plus they can look for extras on the website.

If somehow book 3 gets fully funded, I'll see if I can fund the audiobooks of the first three novels.

Congrats on the funding! It's nice to see so much kickstarter support for a WFG author.


Congrats! :>

Thanks. More than anything else, I suspect the response is due to the fact that I've been doing this for a while, and thus have a number of fans.

According to Kickstarter, 90% of your backers are people that you knew before the kickstarter, and my situation is no different than the norm. So far the people who have donated are:


--members of the Pen and Cape Society


--members of the serial community


--someone who discovered Legion through Kickstarter. He donated $1.

Thus, if you're ever planning to do a Kickstarter, don't expect piles of money from unknown donors. You probably won't get it.

On another note, the Kickstater is currently at 96% funded.

And as of now, it's fully funded... That's a relief.


And since things are now fully funded, I've now told people they can use Paypal to donate through my personal website.