Link back to Main Site

For navigation purposes it sure would be nice if there was a banner or footer that I could click that would take me back to the main Web Fiction Guide site.


Count me in on that, It is kind of annoying to be stuck at the boards :x

I've added a link to the upper right corner.

Wow! Awesome response time. Thanks!

No worries. It was a good idea. :-)

Hooray! <3

Awesome indeed, but the click target's pretty tiny :S I need at least 300 pixels of height to click on ;)

I made it a little bigger. 300 pixels, however -- get a Mac and you can zoom the whole screen. ;-)

Iiii am on a Mac ;) 300px was a joke, thanks for making it larger though :)

If only all admins were half as helpful as you are, Chris :x