Link Exchange Thread

Hey folks,

Just wondering if anyone's interested in pulling off a link exchange.

I'm willing to add the links of whichever webnovel/blook/etc you want linked to from Children of the Halo in exchange for links to it. The links show up on every chapter, including the Foreword.

Let me know.

Heey EJ,

Wonder why not everyone's jumping at this opportunity for symbiosis. Maybe I'll be the first ;)

Iiif you would rather link to a specific work of mine than the entirety of Dreams of the Quill (my site which houses several works), is probably your best bet.

Thanks :)


I do indeed have a button, it can be found here. And, for now at least, I plan on listing just individual works on my sidebar. I may add author blogs and whatnot in the future, and if I do, I'll be sure to add dotq in there. I'll add a link to Night Switch right quick. I should posit the question back to you, though. Do you have a button?


Hey EJ, just added your button to the Street site.

I've taken some time to put together a brand new button of my own as well, findable from this elegant and finely crafted link.

Next project, a new banner that doesn't suck so much. :P



I just added all you guys. Here's my link.

It's called Hades Rising.

Thanks, and I'll make sure to add anyone else who posts their link.

Done and done. I added the button for Street and the link for Hades Rising. Also, Flak, if you'd like to make a button for Night Switch, I'll put it up. But if not, I'll just leave it as is.

I didn't jump on it right away because EJ and I already exchanged links because of our similar titles.

What does everyone think of having this thread be an officialish blogroll group? As in, agree on a link category name that we all use and keep the list uniform across all the sites.

I think that might give the group a little more credibility and encourage readers to go from one site to the next. If they recognize the list, they'd be more likely to try the next one down. We could even have a set order in which everyone starts with the link below their own.

That sounded complicated...

for example, the list could go: Site A, Site B, Site C, Site D, Site E

Site A would list them { Site B, Site C, Site D, Site E }

and say, Site D, would list them { Site E, Site A, Site B, Site C }

This would take more organization, but it would definitely build the community.

By the way, my link is (and I don't know how to embed a link in an image file, but the image can be found here

I'll be putting the links up as "Web Fiction Comrades"

Children of the Halo

Night Switch


Hades Rising

(Sorry guys, just text links for now)

Also, I set most links to open in a new tab, but these are going to be the same window.

Woow, this thread quickly evolved into something larger.

Iiii like your idea Alex but it seems like it'd be a pain to maintain the list if we've all got our own html displaying something slightly different. We could maybe as a group have a single php file we all include in our themes? Or is that -too- unified?


I have very limited knowledge of php--only what i've taught myself in the last few months--so if someone else was willing to write this thing up, that might work.

Would we be talking some sort of sidebar element? I use wordpress, and my theme's php/CSS is cluttered as hell, so I'm a little wary of adding new php files.

Though I'm going to redesign the site soon, so maybe then.

Making actual code plugins is no good for those of us who aren't running WordPress, so I'd have to vote against that. An official list of links and button URLs should do.

Flak, unless you mean a different Ryan, here's the link again. Button is halfway down the page.



Errr, my bad, I meant Cory and Alex :)

oh, sorry, there was a link in my post, but I got cute with it and it was hard to see. here it is again

my link is http://childrenofthefirst.comAND

The button image is here. though I'm not wild about it, but it's what I've got.

{Also, I mean to say a wordpress sidebar widget, I basically just meant a vertically oriented thingamahooger that would be easy to stick inside the sidebar div (assuming you have one)

Alex, have you got/can you get a button in 88x31? It's a nice standard size, especially because it looks pretty crap to have differently sized buttons all over the place.



For those of you that way inclined to a link exchange, a simple solution is for someone to host a html page somewhere (well, a partial page anyway) with JUST a

<ul> or whatever you can all agree on with the list of links, then whoever wants to sign up can email the person maintaining the list and add one line of php to their website, namely;


// or alternatively;

echo file_get_contents("");

So, an example page might be:

``` ```

Spotty, that's what I had in mind. php function to include the list, yeah, but still an html file. Guess I wasn't clear enough, sorry :)

Iiii'd be willing to host such a thing.

I'll work on getting an image that size, might take a day or so.

And I'd be up for any sort of organized group, as long as it's something I can copy and paste, or at least alter or write easily into my sidebar.

This sounds kind of like a webfiction webring. I'm up for it, but I'd prefer just straight html code. I use b2evolution for my blogging system, and my php skills are severely lacking. (I have a passing understanding of html, however.)

Still, a copy & paste code that I can stick in an html widget would be entirely acceptable, so long as I'm able to keep updated when the code is updated.

Youu can implement this in your site in one of two ways:

1. view source and copy and paste the HTML

2. paste this PHP code: <?php include(''); ?>

Weee can decide upon a name for this at some point if we like. Or we can break formation at any time.

Here's an example of the above implemented: examine my sidebar. I have an h2 tag above it, and an image link to WFG, and under that the list.

Oooh, and you can style the list:

The ul tag is class "webfictionlinks"

The li tags are class "webfictionlink"

Sooo if you're into CSS, knock yourselves out. Any thoughts? :)

That's actually pretty cool. So, just out of curiousity, where would I go to post the php code?

We should also get everyone involved to get the 88x31 button images, and quite possibly make the list alphabetical, then we could possibly have a number of options. Worse comes to worst, I've got some pretty decent photoshop experience and could probably whip up more than a few 88x31 buttons in near-record time. :P

Now that I see this thread's turned into a really great idea, it's inspiring me a little more, and I'm starting to wonder what it would take to whip up a rotating banner exchange thingie. (Or, maybe a square exchange. Or a button exchange. Something that will display a random site on each load.) My theme isn't very banner-friendly, unfortunately, but I've got plenty of room in my sidebars, so a square or button would be more ideal in that respect.

I dunno. How do you guys feel about that?