Link from a weird place

So, I've been getting something weird happening with my blog. I started getting people referred from 4chan,/tg/ to be precise. Now, that is kind of weird in that I've never promoted on 4chan. Then, when I clicked to see the context, I couldn't find anything that might have something to do with a web serial. Does 4chan delete comments in a thread after a certain period of time?

Sure. /b/'s threads 404 in two minutes if no one posts to them. /tg/ might not be as fast, but it's not like they would archive any better.

Links from unexpected places are always interesting. I kind hate the ones from Facebook and Twitter, though; for whatever reason, those just link back to the homepages of Facebook and Twitter rather than the page with the actual link. Which is a shame because I have a burning desire to see what people are saying about my work that makes other people click to it.

Yeah, not being able to see who's talking about your stuff on Twitter or FB is a problem. I mostly assume its the stuff I post, but I could be wrong.

Also, the thing about 4chan's comments auto-deleting clears things up for me. I'm a little nervous because when I saw what people were talking about, it was basically a bunch of people without usernames ragging on some person's D&D campaign or something. I assumed it had nothing to do with my work, so my stuff must have been earlier in the conversation.

I get a lot of spam referrals from places that target independent webmasters to try to take advantage of them, and other dodgy links full of malware (frequently Russian and Chinese). Be careful about what you click!

Give it a year. You will have a collection of weird links by then. At which point you can play "Weird link top trumps".

Search terms used to be another one to play. Don't play with Gecko, he wins every time.

Tempest is referring to the weird search terms people use that led them to your stuff. It shows up under Top Searches. And I do get some pretty weird ones. The places linking to me are tame, though.

Oh man, weird search terms. Those are my favorite.

Honestly the best search terms we've gotten are pretty NSFW (which is ironic because Caelum Lex is pretty not NSFW...) There have been a couple people looking for homework assignments. Someone looking for working drawings of doors. Some people who wanted advice on becoming a 'fearless leader'. People who needed a dictionary or thesaurus. This little gem "small dog on tonight's entertainment tonight".

Though my very favorite search term we've gotten is simply "creative writing about spaceships"

Yeeeeah that's my kinda search alright.

Many of mine are NSFW as well. My favorite one, though, is something like "how do i shut up noisy gecko on roof"

So, what were you doing on their roof?

I think the better question is this: what was the roof doing under gecko?

Being noisy is what he was doing. Why is the better question.

Do you guys still see the exact search terms? Most of mine are 'unknown search terms'. :(

I've had some sad ones, like... 'Will I be anathema if I leave my husband'. For those who don't know, the 'classic' meaning of anathema is 'church ban' or 'curse'.


On topic: Weird links are fun. A lot of links don't show in the Wordpress stats, though. For instance, the visits from TWF don't show up in my stats anymore for some reason, but they still count towards the referrers total. It will tell me there are 46 referrers, but the ones shown (without TWF) only add up to a total of 20. Does anyone else have this problem?

I also wish I could track the other links that don't show up. I know there are some because there's some chapters (like 2.1) that get high amounts of views every day, even if the chapters before and after it have low views. I suspect someone posted a link to that particular chapter someplace invisible to my stats. 5.4 is the same, but in that case I know the visitors are coming from Ken's reading list.

Google are hiding their search terms. A few still slip through but the vast majority are unknown now. Which is just sad.

By the way, for those still curious what I was doing on the roof:

Fair warning, they complained about me being noisy.

Because no one has responded to this, I'd like to ask again... are the rest of you with Wordpress blogs still seeing visits from topwebfiction in your stats? Is it me only?

I get visits from topwebfiction.

Yeah, I still get visits from Twf.

All the time

I get TWF hits in my stats. If you're getting a lot more hits from other sources, your TWF hits might've been pushed down below the first page, perhaps? Do they show up on the 'view all' page?