Linking to this site from my site

I see that you links available to put on other sites to link back to this one, but they all seem to lead back to Bing. I want to link back to this site, but I want to make sure it's in a way this site owner approves.

I'm not entirely sure how these links are to be used or how you want them to appear. Would you not like me to simply list a text link that goes directly to the home page here?

Please advise.



Wait, there are links? I just used a text link. Where are the site links?

... I am not an observant man.

This is what I found (it's in the sidebar in "linking to us" in the "Info and submissions" section.

And I admit, I can be a bit of a thick woman. ;-DDDD

Those links are raw HTML. Are you perhaps pasting them into something that expects to generate the HTML for you?

No, I simply don't know what to do with them. I'd normally just get the address from the address bar and past it into a text link in my links section. But I don't know what to do with the strings of code.

What's the end result supposed to look like?

If that's what you'd normally do, then do that. It'll work fine.