Little Reminder and Advise

Hi there!

I've been absent for a while now, and it had a crushing and heartbreaking reason. My computer crashed. Which isn't handy when you're writing your thesis which is due too soon. However annoying it was, I had a recent enough back-up of that. (Annoying is actually quite an understatement, it felt like I lost an arm, I never realised how big a nerd I was until now...)

Unfortunately I was beta-testing my novel website with Xampp, which means I was using my computer as a server, which meant that all the Beta-testing changes I did got lost, because I didn't save it on my external hard drive. Because I didn't back it up. So who-ever is reading this right now, go and take an extra back-up just to be sure... Cause it stinks. And is kinda demotivating. And you'll be cursing at yourself for at least 3 days if your back-up wasn't recent enough.

So please, go and back it up!

Don't despair, you can probably still get the stuff off your old hard drive. I've had more than one hard drive bugger-up from which I've managed to recover all data nearly 100% intact.



The despair is over, I got nearly all my thesis stuff back, which is the most important. The recovering isn't completely working on the website stuff though... Lots of corrupt files, so I'm thinking if I'll work from them, from the old back up, or start over. I'll leave for a while though, to get my head clear...

Ugh... I've lost everything before; it's a punch in the gut for sure. It's even a violating feeling, like someone broke into your home and took something. That's why I tend to have things scattered out in a lot of different places: Gmail, USB drives, random CDs or DVDs, and, in the last year, a Time Capsule. OS X Leopard has Time Machine, which backs up an external drive every hour, as long as they're connected. I haven't had to use it yet, thankfully, but it's nice knowing it's there.

Sorry for your loss. Go run around for a while. Clear your head.

Oops... double post for some reason. *panic jig, dances off stage*

I know your pain, brah... I had a nasty virus get in and nothing short of a total system wipe could dislodge it. Thankfully I could back up my personal files, but I did lose four years of email in the process. (Apparently my Thunderbird backup program did not work as advertised.)

The experience left me more grateful than ever that I've been using Google Docs. I'd originally adopted it because I could easily work from any computer, but when the virus struck I was exceptionally grateful. No matter what, I wouldn't lose over a year's worth of writing.

But thanks for the PSA. I was one of those who didn't back up nearly enough, and hopefully this time I'll learn from the experience. :)


This is why I just bought a 500G Time Capsule. (Mac household.) If I lost the History I think I'd kill myself.

The head is a lot clearer by now. Watched Factotum and am now motivated to keep going again. Yay!