Logic puzzle?

There was a robbery, and you have seven suspects. Donlin and Kensel are wearing hats. The thief is standing two places to the right of Sethra. Tar is married to Nulan, and always by her side. Donlin bumped into Favra, and Favra pushed him into Tar. Sethra is standing next to someone wearing a hat.









Uh. Is it Donlin?

It's Hammadar. The order goes:

Favra, Donlin, Tar, Nulan, Sethra, Kensel, Hammadar.

I've gone over it on another forum, so I know there's more than one way it can be solved. If I described the lineup with words the way I would with a picture, that'd make it so there's only one way to solve it.

having the theif be the only person NOT mentioned in the description is jarring. Either they get missed completely if people don't pay attention to the list of suspects after the puzzle, or the fact that they arent described is a tip off. They should be mentioned at least once, prefferably more than once, but not the most.