Looking at some numbers...

Hey, everybody! The final project for my statistics class is coming up: we have to do analysis on some real world data, and I figured that as long as I would do it I might as well be of some use to someone, so I'm here to ask the WFG community what numbers they would like to see analyzed!

Obviously I'm far from an expert in statistics, but even an elementary analysis might prove useful, and help give some concrete answers to a lot of questions I see new webfic writers asking around these forums. Some basic ideas I've been kicking around with my partners are the average traffic a web fiction writer gets and a breakdown of where that traffic comes from, or perhaps a look at the revenue a work generates compared to its average chapter length/update frequency/length of time it's been publicly available/etc.

There's definitely a lot of data to gather, let alone parse, but I'm genuinely hopeful that something useful might come out of this. Right now I'm just checking for interest, and perhaps for a few indications of what metrics people are interested in providing/analyzing. If anyone has comments or suggestions, feel free to say them. :)

I like messing with the numbers. Generally, a really useful metric that isn't immediately obvious is: how many readers?

You've got your daily unique viewers, and daily page views. Trying to estimate that you have 50, or 500 people reading your serial isn't a simple process. I've attempted this myself, and have a reasonable guess but I'd love to see someone else's methodology.

Other metrics: Falloff. How many people read chapter 1, but don't click on chapter 2? How many people did I loose in the first 30 chapters? How does that compare with other serials? Again, something I've had a go at working out on a basic level.

How do different timelines compare between different works? What differentiates between them?

Update size & frequency vs popularity

Its all interesting stuff. If you need any data, I'd be happy to give it. I'm not sure how to export the WordPress data in a convenient way though.

Some I am more than happy to provide my stats if you want them.

Stats i can do, depending on if you have a decent way of extracting them from word press. Im not sure if screenshots would be the best or possibly the only way.