Looking for a new home?

If you're looking for a new place to host your web serial, I highly recommend MeiLin's new site, digitalnovelists.com.

I decided I wanted the professionalism of a non-blogger/wordpress site and so I contacted MeiLin earlier today. She was prompt in her responses and more than helpful in getting me started and helping me with any problems I had. Thanks to her, I was able to fully transition over to the new site today.

So if you've been considering getting your own site, I strongly recommend dropping MeiLin a line.

Thanks! :) So far, we've got Gavin Williams and Allan as well as myself.

Ooooh, as soon as I get my web serial ready to go, I'll definitely have to look into that! I was thinking of just doing a wordpress blog, but maybe not... =)

I might want to look into this, I was looking for something that could replace Freewebs when I eventually start writing again (Yeah, I suck >.<)

I loved the customization Freewebs offered, but I prefer to write in Word or Open Office, and when copy-pasting, the Freewebs editor always messed up the text. Does Digitalnovelists have this problem? Also, how much can one customize the site in terms of where to put links and other stuff?

Anyway, It'll probably be months or years till I publish anything again... Hopefully you'll still be here then :)

I've had no problems with copy/pasting from Word. Also, I've been able to fully customize the location of everything on my page (except the DN ad, because that's the plan I'm on). But otherwise, everything is moveable.