Looking for an artist

So I have a really cool idea for a story setting. I still need to create a plot for it, but I think it could make a really awesome graphic novel (alright, I admit, I'm in the middle of reading Watchmen). Does anyone know where I might go looking for an artist willing to collaborate (i.e. work for free)?



Not many artists out there are willing to work for free, but I myself wouldn't mind giving it a shot. I've never done sequential art, but I seem to have a grasp at drawing if that's enough for you.

Like so many others, I have a deviantart account. You can check out my style there: http://www.majiknine.deviantart.com/

Just a note though--all the recent works I submitted with the name 'ART ROOTS' were old drawings from about two or three years ago, save for a few. I've gotten better since then.

What kind of idea do you have in mind? What genre?


I dig your work. It'd be something post-apocalyptic.

You can e-mail me for more details at my username @ gmail.

Thanks for the interest!


Damn fine shading job on your featured work there.

Hey thanks so much!

I sent an e-mail, allantmichaels. Looking forward to hearing your ideas!