Looking for an Editor

Well, it seems like all my research is pushing me to the inevitable plunge of hiring a pro editor to turn my hacked up prose into something people might actually pay for. Or at least read like something people would pay for anyway. I'm looking to you all for any leads on freelance editors that might be interested in my genre. Sci-fi/cyberpunk/action-adventure.

So if you know people in the biz or even use one yourself, could you drop some contacts so I can gather a list? And if you do use an editor, what has your experience been? Especially cost! I need to know what's typical.

Thanks in advance!


I'll put in a recommendation for one of my editors, who I believe is accepting new clients right now: Kisa Whipkey. She's the head editor for REUTS, who does my Fred books, and I also use her freelance services for my self-pub books. I also like the fact that she has her rates for all services (which are competitive with what I've paid elsewhere) upfront on her site, so you know what you're going to need to pay going in. No haggling or guess work. Experience has been positive, since I keep using her. Here's the link to her site with rate and contact information: https://kisawhipkey.com/freelance-editing/. Good luck with the book!

I've previously worked with www.anthroaquatic.com, they're a nicely-priced pro editor for small market stuff, timely and very cost effective (especially for a native north american english speaking editor, many of the low-priced editors are ESL and it's AWFUL).

Only word of warning is that depending on the season he may have a wait list, he's a popular editor in anthropomorphic, fantasy, and science fiction genres.

Thanks guys!