Looking for fictions with high-quality spelling/grammar to feature on RRL

Hey guys, I'm aware that many of you post your fictions on RRL but probably don't spend that much time on the forums, so I thought I'd bring this post to your attention: http://royalroadl.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=90644

Basically, if you have an ongoing/completed fiction on RRL that has less than 1 mistake/typo in 1000 words, you can get featured on RRL's Facebook page. I'm pretty sure some of you qualify.

Cool! I applied, thanks. :D

Thanks kindly, applied!

You're welcome :)

If you know anyone else who would qualify, please let them know about it.

Twisted Cogs, but Blaise already mentioned it.

Thank you! Signed up to RR and listed you (Chrysalis) as the referrer (for whatever that's worth).


I'm going to go ahead and post something I got in a review but think applies to you better:

I got bonus stars! *squee*

*flutters about excitedly*

By the way, as a side note... Anathema on RRL is more well-edited than the Wordpress version. Not on the same level as the books, but fairly close.

Yeah, on a site where a quarter of the people can't be bothered to capitalize all their I's, yours really stands out. I don't know how much effort it took you to get it to that quality, but I really, really appreciate it.

Anathema's feature can be found here (amazing cover, too, by the way): https://www.facebook.com/royalroadl/photos/a.545590665584403.1073741829.464568787019925/933298966813569

It is a good cover, and I'm glad RRL is working with the Facebook page more. I keep seeing Wing stalk the LitRPG group too.

Haha yeah, more content on the Facebook page is mainly about me getting off my butt and making it happen. If anybody has any ideas for it, please let me know. I'm currently doing RRL news, a word of the week, featured fictions (and art if I can track down artists who are willing), and a weekly writing exercise.

This is what I love!

Okay, let's see. Author Interviews, AMA's (like Reddit), Fiction excerpts, non RRL related things (not too much of that, though), polls and votes, um. I'll think over this for a day or two and then see what else I can brainstorm up after it's had time to percolate.

I would LOVE to do polls and votes (people looooove expressing their opinions, so it's the best way to get them to participate) but Facebook pages seem to have had that feature removed. I haven't found an app that lets you add polls without costing a subscription fee, either.

That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, but Facebook is pretty stupid. I found this : http://fbpoll.co/2014/08/14/publish-on-your-page/

Basically you have to publish polls on your personal account and share to your page.

I'm just bumping this in case someone else who's posted on RRL wants to give it a go.

Also, for the people who have already been featured, did you notice a bump in your views? RRL's Facebook page doesn't have that many followers compared to RRL's userbase, but I'd like to think that the effect is greater than zero.

I didnt see a bump, but there wasn't a link from Facebook to my story on RRL, was there?

Not seeing a difference (and there was a link from FB to my RRL page). But! It's only been a little over a day, and my genre is a little outside the RRL norm. I appreciate the shout out, either way!

Advertising stuff via Farcebook, without paying for it, is an exercise in futility, sadly. You're looking at someone like a mere 10-15% of followers even seeing the post, let alone engaging with it.

Heh, looking at the statistics, I think a feature right now is worth 15-20 clicks. This will hopefully go up when RRL actually links to its Facebook page and it gets more followers. If I don't get any more applications, I may start repeating features.

@Dary, that seems right. With 235 people who liked my page only a handful ever see posts. I was annoyed enough with Facebook yesterday to unpublished the page, it really doesn't seem worth the effort.