Looking for peeps to quest post short stories.

I recently completed Existential Terror and Breakfast ("recently" is like two months ago) and have decided to open up my website to guest posting. If you are looking for some exposure to your serial and do not mind writing a short story with minor restrictions hit me up!

The deal is this: I am looking for short stories between 3k to 4k words. The genre and tone are up to you (I recommend keeping it aligned with the genre of your serial) but everyone has to die at the end. You will have room at the end of the post for a link to your site and I will put up a button for readers to vote for you on the Top Web Fiction list. Aside from visibility on my site, I will also promote your story to my mailing list (which is about 1k subscribers at the moment), to Reddit, and I will create a pin for sharing on Pinterest. This offer is open to multiple authors.

You will, of course, keep all of the rights to the story and can tell me to take it down at any time.

I may reject anyone out of whimsy or boredom. But, more seriously, if I do not think my readers are aligned with your stuff I will give it a no go. This I assure you will be for the best as I do not want to waste your time with readers that will not stick to your serial.

Let me know here if you are interested!

Hey there! I might be interested, but I totally get if my serial doesn't fit your vibe. What are your (minor) restrictions?

Interesting! For now, though, I'll just second Megajoule.

"everyone has to die at the end"

So....you're looking for romantic comedies? :p

Having just started a serial of my own, a setting where this could be easily accomplished, I could probably pull this off. Is "dies at the end" and the word count the only restriction?

I see the restriction was updated, I'd be interested in that. Though if you aren't cool with superhero serials, my story may not fit what you're going for.

I'd be highly interested though like Megajoule, it would be superhero based. Let me know if that works and I'll get something written. I actually have an idea I rather like.

I'd be delighted! Do you have any more details about what you are looking for, and when you'd like it by?


I have no problem with Super Hero serials, you get to chose the tone and genre. I am looking for multiple quest posts (aiming for one a week for a month or more) and I would like to have your post in my inbox by the end of this month. If you are interested head over to: https://revfitz.com/about/ and send me an email with a pitch for your story. I will get back to you in 24 hours :)


I think your serial might be a good fit. My audience likes dark stuff. The first chapter you have on your site is in the present tense which is normally a red flag for me, but everything else seemed professional. If you have no issues with writing the guest story in the past tense I would love to have you on board.


Teachers are the best. Send me a pitch :)


Ha ha! That is certainly not out of the question ;)


Save for nothing racist, homophobic, or poorly written, yes, those are the only restrictions.


Awesome, send me a pitch!


I'd like to have it by the end of the month, though I can be flexible. I don't want two stories to be the same and I am looking for writers with a strong voice.


Sure thing, then! I've got an idea for a short story, and past tense is no issue. I elected to do Inheritors in first person present because it's quite a popular style right now, but I'm not a stranger to past tense.

I'd be interested in this morbid endeavor. Interested in the macabre-ness of it and the challenge of the restrictions, that is.

It seems the genre of supers is on the table, so here is a hard sale that may tickle your 'whimsy'... A dark-ish, swords-and-sorcery fantasy. ;P

As some who have read my serial can attest, the 'prologue' of my story ends with a near-complete wipe-out of the main characters. I have no qualms about killing off characters at all and look forward to causing as much havoc and heartache as I can within the 3K to 4K window alloted. I'm not squeamish about pulling a 'Red Wedding' or a 'Purple Wedding' with any characters.

Whether I get the axe in the face or not, it's an interesting challenge and one I'd like to try out. If I do get an axe to the face, well, them's the breaks. ^_^

Some further ideas of restrictions to query: Would you prefer an original in-universe kind of story? Do you want people to kill off their characters in a kind of alternate-choice scenario? Are you open to parodies of the genre the writer writes in? Do you want this dark and serious, or darkly comedic? Are there any limitations you would like on behalf of your audience (such as fade-to-black for deaths, minor suffering, surrealist existential crises, no swearing, and the like)?

Haha, I thought the original "quest post" was a typo, but now you've written it twice and I have to ask. Quest? Is there a secret plot underlying all of this?

@revitz, alright, well i can at least manage two of those things, we'll see if i can do the third.


@Rev I'd love to give it a go if you've still got slots. How does an interlude of 3rd person Cyberpunk mayhem sound? You're familiar with my style :P


Just emailed you back, can't wait to see what you come up with!


You may be as violent, non-violent, curse, and the tone can be whatever you want. I am ABSOLUTELY open to parodies of a genre. I almost recommend it. Hell, if you want to write in a genre that you normally do not, go for it, but bear in mind that might hurt your conversion of visitors from my site to readers. E-mail me your ideas :D


Dammit. No. That's what happens when you are dyslexic, switch from QWERTY to Dvorak often, and have had four hours of sleep. Thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt and assumed that I was being mad genius.

I know that you have a lot on your plate, and probably do not have time to do a "quest" post, but you have an open invitation to do so at any time for letting me guest post on your site :D


E-mail me :D


That sounds amazing! I could not be more excited, e-mail me!

@Rev: Oh darn it, I was really hoping for a quest, hahaha. I'm rather busy but the possibility exists that I would write something while procrastinating from all the stuff I'm supposed to be doing. I'll let you know if I come up with an idea where everybody dies, but that's not exactly my normal wheelhouse.


It would be awesome to have you along, no pressure though. The overall tone can be lighthearted or slapstick, or serious and morbid, and everything in between. "Everybody dies" can even mean "everybody dies IN GAME". I don't want anyone writing against their normal voice, but I do want a unifying theme across the stories :D

Does "accidentally causes their own timeline to collapse and be replaced" qualify as "everyone dies"?


Absolutely! I would love something like that!

@revfitz - Cool. I will brainstorm on this, but like I said I am just starting a project, and dont want to come off like a last second flake. If i have something by next weekend, i'll email you, if not, I'll just have to pass this time around.