Looking for Things to Read!

Here's a backwards approach at this topic: I'm looking for things to read! In particular, I'm not interested in stories primarily about teenagers or coming-of-age. I really like stories where there's a broad range of ages, from kids to the elderly, or at least a story where the protagonist didn't spring from the head of Zeus fully-formed, without family or attachments. The 'young adult adventurer with no ties' thing is kind of old for me right now. It might get new again some day, but not now.

Recommend something! I like sf, fantasy, historicals, modern stuff (my bar is higher for things set in present-day, but I do like them when done well)... basically anything as long as it's good.


Would it be untoward for me to recommend Arcadia Snips? Well, probably...

Alternatively, a fantastic web-comic that focuses on familial relationships and history is Family Man; the first part does a fantastic job of establishing the main character and centering him in his role amidst his family. It's also a genuinely compelling story concerning the relationship between faith, family, and philosophy, centered in a historical narrative.

A SF story I am currently enjoying is Space and Time by Sharon Rose. The main character is an alien child, although her intellectual development is more advanced than in a human child of equivalent age. She is also a slave. The other central character is an adult human, the director of a spaceport where different alien cultures and moralities are interacting.

For something light and fun and spooky, Peter and the Vampires by Darren Pilsbury is a modern supernatural series in which the main character is a ten year old boy and his best friend (another young boy) - his mom, little sister, and especially his grandfather also play important roles in the stories.

You will probably get a plethora of suggestions so you might want to give us more clues by listing some other books/stories that you've liked... (playing librarian is fun :)! )