Lost my hosting (Black Hat Magick)

Well, more or less. After two weeks of trying to find out why my server (and thus site) was down, I've discovered that the server's motherboard toasted itself into a lump or charcoal. Or, as Elaine would put it, the mobo let the magic smoke out.

I spent most of today making a pretty little page that will temporarily hold its place whilst I line up new hosting. I made cute graphics and everything! It will take me some time to get the hard drive out of the hold server so that I can restore the old site from backup. However, until that happens, I won't have Dread Vote online anymore. Instead, I'm going to have to run with the next novel.

Question, though, for those who might be in the know. What's a good Wordpress theme for webserials? I was running with a weird variation on Hemingway that I'd come to like -- although it did seem to have some issues for readers.

Hey, sorry to hear about your hosting--that must be really annoying.

Re: the wordpress themes, I use a (heavily) modified form of Jello Wala Mello which I have quite liked. I think the key things to look out for is a theme which allows you to have a frontpage more like a website (ie, less like a blog; allows readers to get an idea of where to start, what the story's about, and to skim the last few instalments), and then post sites which are plain and easily readable. I had to do a lot of modification to get that happening (took out sidebars etc because in my view they're distracting when you're reading).

Where's an old forum post here that might be of use.

If you see some themes you like, I'm sure folk here will be able to give you feedback on how well they think it might work for a webserial... ;)

Thanks, I'll take a look at those. I have a lot of time on my hands for research at the moment.

This is the host that I use. The owner, Alexander Hollins, is really great guy. Head on over and check out a few of the serials there. I've done pretty well there myself, fyi. And Mr Hollins is very, very helpful!



Thanks for the info Cassandra, I will check those out.

Perhaps this hosting failure is a sign that I need to get trucking on Vexations Vol 15 -- after all, I have a local businessman offering to help me with printing costs.


I've gotten my host for millvexations.com to give me some extra domains and added my holding page whilst I wait to recover the lost data from the now inaccessible hard drive (nothing like not being in the same state as the dead server.)


I even went so far as to make multiple versions of the background (it chooses randomly on reload.) That'll have to hold down the fort whilst gears and sprockets gambol in the background as I edit and produce Tango & Cahce and get a new Wordpress installation prepared.

If you want to use it, you can email me with questions and I'll do my best to help you get set up.