Lucky Monday Review (by Miladysa) - Thanks! But I should mention...

I'm *immensely* appreciative of the review--as I'm always appreciative of all reviews!--but (and this is completely my fault--as I should have taken steps to have the story removed) I'm in the process of completely revamping the story, _Lucky Monday_. I haven't updated it in over a month (I got distracted by a huge move to British Columbia, followed by a vicious job hunt and ebay auctions in a desperate bid to pay the first month's rent and mounting moving costs), and after having reread it several times myself, I realized I'm not very happy with where it's going (which is literally no where--I have no idea what comes next and have been making it up as I go along). As it is now, it's primarily just a literary experiment in need of a machete. I'm holding off on any updates to the story until I'm solid on where it's going next. And with work on the next Snips' book continuing alongside my new job, that might not be for another month.

Edit: That's to say that while I'm more than happy to receive a review on Lucky Monday, I should let you and anyone else reviewing it know know that the story's slated to come down at some point in the near future and suffer a complete rewrite. As it is now, it's way too chaotic for my aesthetic sensibilities; I've scheduled it for an appointment with my editing weed-whacker.

There's a word for writer's like you - fic-tease! ;)

I was looking forward to seeing where that one was going.

Fingers crossed Lucky Monday makes a return in the not too distant future.

I've actually got an idea and direction for it, now--so I can start working on it. The 'might take a month' warning is primarily because I want to have at *least* ten installments ready to go up before I start updating it again... so I have plenty of time to stretch out my fingers and continue working on the rest of the updates while the first few installments go up.