Lulu Book Review reviews Scary Mary

Not sure how many people are aware of The Lulu Book Review, but they have posted a review of Scary Mary that I'm really excited about, and I thought people might be interested in reading a review from a different source.

Find it here:



I love that the reviewer commented to add a bit more of a plug for it, too :-)

That's pretty awesome! Well done! Let us know how much it helps.

Congrats! It's great to get independent reviews, they're one of my favourite things about writing. Keep it close by (but don't let it put any more pressure on you!) for whenever you're feeling down.



Congrats, Stephanie! Scary Mary deserves the publicity. :-)

That's an interesting site, I didn't even know about it till now. I went ahead and submitted Alisiyad for review. Crossing my fingers that it might lead to actually selling some copies....